Speaking of vampires and the Love They Share

Eclipse comes out today only they haven't delivered it to my library yet!!! What the crap is up with that? I should be hiding in a back room right this second getting all heavy-bosomed about Edward and Bella only I'm NOT! The UPS guy has already come and all he brought were two picture books that I had to refrain from stabbing and then lighting on fire.

So help me . . .

The world is not even fair right now. Why did I even bother paying $30K to become a librarian if the perks system is just going to completely fail me and leave me absolutely bereft of vampire lovin', people? Why is it that civilians are reading this book before me?

My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.


Carly said... [reply]

Hey, I work in a library too, but I know that here, at this monstrous library, I'll get to read it faster if I just buy it myself. There are some books, not worth waiting for. But I guess in a smaller library they can actually process books at a regular rate. Plus, you wouldn't have to hunt down the person processing the book, like me, who must pull many many strings, and promise them my first born, to even *see* new books, let alone read them. Hope you get to it soon. So far, it's excellent!

kristen said... [reply]

What kind of crap library do you work at? Must not be a very good one if you don't even have that book yet. ;-)

I'll be buying me a copy today. I'm so excited!

Edgy said... [reply]

Dang it. Life was so much better before I knew that I'm now going to have to go to the Devil's Den to buy a book that I'm going to despise just so I can find out whether or not Bella becomes a harpy, thus redeeming her character. Somewhat. Well, that won't really redeem it, because she's likely to still be a whiny little, well, you know.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Maybe your $$ would've been more well spent getting a degree in drama!!! (snickering)


Anonymous said... [reply]

Now really. Who dished out that $30K?
Because if it was all you, kudos, and a huge round of applause. You must be in that 1% of students who actually fund their whole education while living on Peanut Butter and honey sandwiches. But then again you're a girl and could have gotten guys to pay for dinner on occasion.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Now really. Who dished out that $30K?

Anon, as much as I'd like to say it was a wealthy prince somewhere, no such luck. My parents helped on my undergrad but the masters was all me. I got a student loan to avoid the pb&j scenario (because hi, English peanut butter is just nasty). I'll be paying that loan back for awhile, which is why I should at least have something to read, dangit!

Laura L said... [reply]

just wanted to say, it's sooooo goood....

Nemesis said... [reply]

Is this the laura l who runs the bookstore? If so, did you do anything fun to celebrate?

Jenny said... [reply]

I just finished it. It was ok.

Jimmy said... [reply]

I think the only worthwhile thing I can offer is a moment of silence.

It'll come soon!

Natalie said... [reply]

I was invited to a midnight release party, but I didn't go because I knew I had a very important meeting this morning at 8, and I thought I could just stop on the way home. Yeah. Wishful thinking. I didn't get the book, because everybody is all sold out, and my meeting was so boring it sucked my will to live.

Ann-Marie said... [reply]

our library didn't get our copies yet either. stupid!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I drove to Costco and Walmart and neither one of them had any. Walmart was out because they had sold the four or whatever copies they stock ONCE A WEEK. I guess I will go to a real bookstore tomorrow. Sheesh.


BTW, Nem did pay for her entire grad degree. I wish I could say her parents were rich and could just write her a check, but alas, they could not.

Anonymous said... [reply]

So, will someone tell me what happens? Does stupid Bella become a vampire or does Edward do the right thing and just dump her.


scienceteachermommy said... [reply]

"Graveyard of buried hopes . . ."
Anne of Green Gables?

And "what the crap" is the appropriate question. I think Bella herself said that very line about 50 times in the last third of book two. She at least used the word "crap" 50 times. Gorgeous blood sucking vampires and manly werewolves, more like holy *%$!

scienceteachermommy said... [reply]

PS I want to make a prediction for the end of the Twilight series. You've heard this Nem, but I need to put it in writing so people will believe that I called it. I think Meyer is going to find a way for Edward to be human again. Ultimate sacrifice and all. (Such blind selflessness for love is, after all, what makes us love our heroes.) That way he can keep every human thing he loves about Bella. (Including her SMELL.) Still, what will Bella have . . . Romeo? Poor girl.

Saxon said... [reply]

well I never have to wait for the books I like to read.

Mainly because I work for the publisher and get them two months before their released in the shops

Jenny said... [reply]

I think if she became a vampire it would be so lame. There are things that bothered me in all the books that I overlooked and am hoping will be compensated for by her staying human. Because SERIOUSLY. What kind of a message would that even be sending to girls?

DanaLee said... [reply]

All I have to say is HARRY POTTER! No sympathy here. But you are still fantastic.

Nemesis said... [reply]

"Graveyard of buried hopes . . ."
Anne of Green Gables?

You know it, Scienceteachermommy.

David said... [reply]

Another black mark against your library. When you are libraian overlord I trust things will be different.

lilcis said... [reply]

My DH picked mine up for me yesterday morning since I was stuck at a doctor appointment and I wanted to make sure I got a wristband to attend Stephenie's book signing.

I haven't started reading it yet, though. I just finished Twilight yesterday and started on New Moon this morning.

Nemesis said... [reply]

David, welcome!

In all fairness to my library it was Amazon's fault that they didn't arrive on time. Now they're here and life is good again.

I do quite like the sound of being a library overlord, though. Bring that on!

April said... [reply]

I bet my library didn't even order "Eclipse." Hmph. I had to make them buy the first two. Actually...there is an unopened box that was delivered today. Maybe I should peek? All in the name of library processing?

Ugh. It's just more Melody Carlson books so 13-year-old girls can whine about how hard their lives are.

laura rae said... [reply]

ixjNot laura llew, though sometimes I wish I were her. Hmm, I guess I need another name. --formerly laura l

Laura said... [reply]

Sorry Laura Rae! This is Laura Llew, and I have to say I also thought it was fantastic - the best yet. I want a Team Jacob shirt so badly it hurts.

Of course, being a bookshop girl I got to read it before the on-sale day. So see there are advantages to being a book-pimp over a holy pure librarian.

Also, um, your library orders from Amazon? Do they do most/all of their orders from there? I don't know why that befuddles me but it does. I guess, I have no idea about what kind of discounts publishers and distributors offer to libraries but it's a TRAVESTY if they're not helping em out better than Amazon does.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Laura, most of our stuff comes from Baker & Taylor and Amazon, with the odd order from Scholastic. Is it better to just order directly from the publisher? I know absolutely nothing about any of this--my director handles it all.

Jér said... [reply]

From what I understand, the bulk of acquisitions for the library system I work for come from Baker & Taylor as well, with most of our foreign-language acquisitions coming from Schoenhof's. We don't (usually?) order from Amazon, I believe partly because the materials selectors are confined to vendors that use invoices instead of credit card transactions.

I know that some of the materials in harder-to-catalog languages (such as Arabic) come from specialized vendors that provide complete OCLC records so our technical services department doesn't have to try to figure them out. (Does this mean the OCLC database doesn't already have these titles? <shrugs>)

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