Yay, birthdays!

So far today has been absolutely lovely. On the drive to work that song LDN by Lilly Allen came on, with the chorus about "the sun is in the sky oh why oh why would I wanna be anywhere else" that has the kicky trumpets behind it. And, even though my feelings for Lilly Allen still stand (Ear. Fork. All of it.) I did enjoy the song. Because hey, the sun was in the sky and it's my birthday. And I think I had a seizure anyway when she said the word "Tesco" so I missed quite a lot of her actual voice--just got to enjoy the fun, kicky trumpet chorus.

(Note: If you choose to watch this video, I will not be held responsible for seizures or forks in the ear.)

Got this meme from Kristen and decided to do it for my birthday.

Today in history, according to Wikipedia:

Thank you, Fire, for leaving me some London. I promise I appreciated it.

Thank you, Continental Congress, for giving me the USA. Also much appreciated.

Thank you, USA, for sometimes giving me a day off work for my birthday. Too bad today couldn't be one of those days, but still.


Desmama said... [reply]

Happy, happy birthday Nemesis dear!

kristen said... [reply]


How old are you.....21 again? ;-)

Thanks for doing the meme. You have some cool stuff associated with your birthday.

Cicada said... [reply]

Sorry again for not making you anything... will try to be better next time. But do enjoy that bird!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Cicada, please. You're engaged. I'm just impressed when engaged people can remember birthdays at all. And thank you for giving me the bird.

banana said... [reply]

Happy Birthday!!!!

Hope you have a great day :-)

Can't quite believe its been a year since you left us! x

Jenny said... [reply]

Happy Birthday! I keep thinking it was on Saturday.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

Happy birthday! So glad that it went well so far, that the sun was in the sky, and that you still have eardrums that are un-forked.

Hope the rest of the day goes just as well.

Anonymous birthday wisher said... [reply]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it is bright and sunny!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

How did 10,000 buildings burn down and only kill 16 people? That is amazing to me. Wikipedia is open source, could it be a mistake? Maybe the records were just bad and whole families died so they weren't around to report about all the family they lost. This is going to trip me out all day.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hey, STM. According to an article at the BBC website, the initial reported death count was only 4 people, but that the real count was probably much higher.

Jér said... [reply]

Lily Allen kept me awake (and therefore alilve) while I was coming back from Las Vegas late Monday night, so she will always have my love.

abby said... [reply]

Happy Birthday Nem! Lily Allen is very addicting. My personal favorite is Knock em Out, but I have yet to swallow my decency and download it.

Miss Hass said... [reply]

Happy freaking birthday!

Saxon said... [reply]

Happy Birthday!

Natalie said... [reply]

Happy birthday!

Also, is there a story about Cicada giving you the BIRD... on your BIRTHDAY?

Because that seems uncalled for.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hee . . . glad you picked up on that, Natalie! It was actually a really cool bird-shaped veggie cutter. But still. Making people think she flipped me off gave me the giggles.

Kristeee said... [reply]

Happy Birthday!

chosha said... [reply]

Hey, you did the birthday meme, too. Lots of that going around.

Happy birthday!

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