Hooky is my new favorite

Highlights from today with the Preciouses:

It was a beautiful, gorgeous sunny fall day. Absolutely the best day to leave work early and go find fabulous things about L**** to offset the poop smells.

Lunch at the Indian Oven (new location on Main Street, y'all!). Which was, in Jen's words, "rill, rill good." I love me that lunch buffet.

Took Savvy and Ethan to the historic Bluebird Cafe to buy chocolates. I knew the spinning stools at the soda fountain would change their world forever. And then I blew the rest of Ethan's mind when I gave him his first gummy worm. He approached the thing dubiously and bit it right in the middle, with the two ends hanging out the sides of his mouth. Then he realized that he was eating the kids' version of crack cocaine. He was mine for the next five minutes. This is what I do when Spitfire's not around, trying to raise my stock. (She's his real favorite.) And then Ethan and Savvy played an impromptu round of "Ring around the Rosies" out in the fall leaves, which made my heart explode in my chest cavity.

Went to Second Dam and walked around. One too many Phil Hartman impressions later, Savvy called her dad to tell him that she saw the "Dam fish, daddy."

Spitfire and I took Savvy to FHE. The group was decorating Halloween cookies, but first there was a very good but forever long (to a 3-yr-old) mini-lesson. Savvy held up admirably, sitting on my lap for the boring bits. But I'd promised her a party, which she kept reminding me in a very reverent whisper. I couldn't understand why people were sitting there talking about and looking at other things when there was pretty much the most precious girl ever placed on this earth sitting right there. I mean, what if she did something amazing and they miss it?

Savvy loves my Rosehill Dairy milk, as do I. In fact, when I was at Jen's last and drank her Target milk I wondered if someone slipped dishwashing detergent into my glass. Whereas when I drink my milk I wonder if people slipped sugar and sunshine and rainbows in. At least 6 times Savvy asked for my "special milk."

Kids playing with Jen on my bed. Me: "See? My bed is totally fun. It's too bad more boys don't realize that."


Miss Hass said... [reply]

Me: "See? My bed is totally fun. It's too bad more boys don't realize that."


Cicada said... [reply]

Maybe I can steal the preciouses for a day...

Also, yay for hooky! My goal in life is to start earning passive income (within the next two weeks preferably) so that I can quit my job and make crafts all day long.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I love L**** in the fall. I went to the University there like a generation ago when they were on quarters and school actually started in late September. It is, hands down, the most nostalgic time of year for me.

On the next fair day, drive up to Tony's Grove lake. The drive is over an hour, but you have to get up that high to see all of the golden aspens. Amazing. Last year we went up and hiked around the lake and were totally alone. Then we ate the 4.95 lunch from Old Gristmill for a picnic. We also saw a moose.

Squirrel Boy said... [reply]

You want to quit your job within the next two weeks, Cicada? Or would that come sometime later?

Mad Hadder said... [reply]

We need to get better acquainted. I am Amyjane's mom's neighbor, I have read every Bill Bryson three times, Sharon Creech lived down the road from me in NJ, I am a confirmed anglophile, I was a cataloger at USU after I finished my master's there, I love your blog, Yay for brie and the list goes on. I'm loving reading your Brit musings. I'm a new friend--just brought you up yesterday. Did you know missnemesis without the blogspot takes you to a porn site????? SHE loves fetishes! Won't make that mistake again.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Thanks so much for the compliment, Hatter! We'll have to meet up sometime in Montpelier, because I love any excuse to go to Amyjane's Mom's house. And I did NOT know that about the missnemesis, but somehow I'm not surprised . . .

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