Guilty Friday treat

I know I'm slacking, I promise next week will be better. Running the world is hard, y'all. Also I apologize that you had to look at my sick green face on Halloween. It looked even worse close up and I had to sacrifice a Sonia Kashuk foundation brush to get it looking that way. (While at my bathroom mirror I lost all sense of perspective and forgot that "better" is not always the same as "good.")

Anyway. Lucky for me I didn't worry too much about the face (and neck, and upper chest, and pores shrieking in agony while planning a high-stakes revolt) because I was busier worrying about the fact my hair was still damp when I crammed it underneath that wig and it was probably mildewing and was going to fall right off any second.

Good times.

So here is my guilty Friday pleasure--the trailer for Wanted, which is almost sure to be one craptastic movie. And yet I cannot look away because hi, we're talking James McAvoy (whom I am currently dating), Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith mode, and Morgan Freeman. I think they possibly just got him so that he could narrate the trailer and give an ounce of plausibility to this whole thing. But whatever. You should watch it and laugh at your desk like I'm doing right now.


Iggy Bloggit said... [reply]

it's like... the Matrix meets... the Chronicles of Narnia.

Scully said... [reply]

On a hot summer afternoon, when the temperature is hovering near 100, I would totally pay money to see that. Firstly because of Morgan Freeman, secondly because of what I think is a Dodge Viper, which was my dream car when I was 15, thirdly because James McAvoy is cute when not half-dressed as a goat, and finally because I have a mad girl-crush on Angelina Jolie.

Rachel said... [reply]

Oh man, I'll probably just see it because HE's in it. Who cares about Angelina? It really does look totally craptastic.

Christie said... [reply]

Seeing Angelina might motivate me to not loaf at aerobics. Or it might induce a full-blown, 5 lb. bag of cinnamon bears frenzy. Oh, and you're my librarian. Cool.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Okay, the tears just about started rolling. Now they are in earnest over the Matrix Narnia comment. Or like Lara Croft meets Revenge of the Nerds. I don't know if I'll be able to go see it. . . I haven't been married long enough to not care when hubby starts having dreams about gorgeous, kick butt, skinny arse actresses. Maybe in a few more years.

Christie, you've got to stop in an say hi to Nemesis. She is even better in person.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Iggy, you're so right. And that is so wrong.

Scully, I kind of dated a guy who had a thing for Dodge Vipers when we were 15. So now I can't really see one without rolling my eyes a little bit.

Rachel, I know!!! We should totally get a group together and go watch it.

Christie, I knew this day would come . . . now I'll have to be really careful what I say! :-) But welcome, and I hope you'll stop by and introduce yourself so I can be thinking of the right person (didn't see any pics on your blog to give me a hint).

STM, you can just come see it with me and Rachel. Then you won't have to worry about Sluglips Jolie enticing your husband.

Nells said... [reply]

I can't tell you how many times I watched the Becoming Jane trailer. James McAvoy is not only a guilty Friday treat...he is a guilty EVERYDAY treat! Have you watched the Atonement trailer yet? Definitely a must see.

Janelle :p

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