Sometimes I wonder if we're actually related

Last night I was in a bit of a work-related strop and my dear sister Spitfire did her best to cheer me up. Her cheering-up ideas included flourless chocolate cake from Sweetly Divine, a fabulous pastry shop here in L****. Mine involved Wammart, cheap things made of glass, and a brick wall.

We went with hers, since it was technically better.

On the way there, though, she started talking about the movie Transformers.

Spitfire: Oh that's right, you probably haven't seen it.

Me (slumped down in the passenger seat with a permascowl): No, I only watch quality programming.

Spitfire, shaking her head: That may be the case, but you're missing out. It was kind of good.

Me: [unintelligible sneering and snorting]

Spitfire continued: Just think, Megatron was the bad guy but originally he was their brother in valor. I mean, isn't that kind of upsetting?

Me: Something is.


Me: Did they really use the words brother in valor in the movie?

Spitfire: No. I made that part up. It sounded good though, huh?

I'm lucky to have a sister who will actually try to bring me out of my funk rather than just leaving me to mope behind a Dumpster somewhere.


Yankee Girl said... [reply]

Maybe it is just because of Huckabee's recent so-called disparaging comment about Mormons believing Satan and Jesus are brothers, but I'm thinking all those people who love to make Star War analogies in their Sacrament meeting talks may just have a new source. I'm not sure who would be the Jesus figure though.

sakhmet said... [reply]

Wait, were you talking about Transformers or the two-hour GM advertisement/Army Recruitment video? I always get them mixed up.

daltongirl said... [reply]

Sakhmet, you would go see Transformers. Geez. Have you no pride?

chosha said... [reply]

Sorry I probably should be saying something cheery, but you movie snobs can be so lame! (^_~)

Transformers was a little silly and a little predictable...oh, and did I mention a WHOLE LOT OF AWESOME. View it as a two hour doco on special effects if you want, but see it! It's worth it just for the transformers - and if it ever pops back on to the big screen at one of those dollar cinemas that plays slightly older stuff, run don't walk, because it was even more awesome on the big screen. I mean, if you're a 60 ft robot, you're going to look better on a big ole screen, right?

Just because you can appreciate chocolate gateaux doesn't mean you should be dissing on the fairy floss (cotton candy). Especially when mecha are involved.

JB said... [reply]

You know what's much better (and considerably less time-consuming) than watching Transformers the movie? Reading this synopsis of it. More fun to be had there, let me tell you.

JB said... [reply]

hehehe. I just read Chosha's post. . . roflol. I'm a movie snob!! Well, in this case I guess I am because I didn't really like this movie. . .?

Scully said... [reply]

To answer Yankee Girl's question with my limited knowledge of the cartoon, wouldn't that be Optimus Prime?

Audra said... [reply]

We rented transformers because Nolan wanted to see it... don't bother... unless you are into the special effects thing. And the guy and girl in the movie are so...ick. Anyway.

Miss Rissa said... [reply]

Thanks to Transformers, my husband now has it in his head to name our firstborn son Optimus Prime. So even though I persona;ly have not seen the movie, my feelings toward it have already been tainted.

Jenny said... [reply]

If you love her so much then why don't you marry her?

.::still blinking::. said... [reply]

You should see Transformers. It is really surprisingly good.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Oh my gosh, Jen.

Everyone, when my other sister, Jenny, heard that I was having a bad day she offered to house and feed me until I felt better. Which offer didst warm my heart even though I couldn't take her up on it.


BEFore said... [reply]

I happened to just buy Transformers. Feel free to borrow it or schedule a movie-night on the "big screen" sometime. :)

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I'm with Chosha. I've never seen such fabulous special effects. Of course, the plot needed a fair amount of work, and everything about the girl was pretty much a gag-fest, but the whole robots with DNA thing made my little sci-fi heart burn with joy.

And has anybody blogged about the Huckabee comment? I thought some of his ideas weren't that bad until he opened up a can of baptist minister. I keep thinking I'll do a post on this, but I'm sure somebody else has already done it better.

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, it won't be me. I'm quite embarrassingly apathetic about the whole thing. In fact, Before probably has a story he could tell about that . . .

kristen said... [reply]

Chosha--you rock. Loved the flick. The girl? A little too much. But who can refuse a movie with Josh Duhmal?

STM--which comment? He seems to be shooting his mouth off quite a bit lately. I wish he'd get over himself.

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