Fine, are you happy now?

After two weeks of trying to shake this cold, I give up. I give UP, do you hear??? I succumb. This is me, succumbing. I am leaving work and going home to sleep for the next 18 hours. And when I wake up I had better both sound and feel like a normal person and not like a staggering zombie with the voicebox of a German Shepherd.

In my absence, here is something to watch.

When I saw this I thought, "Hey, it's that guy from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz!" And "Hey, it's that guy who played the police inspector for 2 minutes in North and South!" "Hey, it's Lemsip! Good times!"

Yes, I need a life. But if it doesn't involve an encyclopedic knowledge of British actors and products then I don't want it because clearly that is no life at all.


i i eee said... [reply]

I also love the clip of the same show -the one about, "how women get away with farting." Huh-larious!

Get well soon.

Something kind of weirdo, random thought: just about 20 minutes ago I remembered another post you wrote about a year ago; the post where you had a horrible cold, and everyone was giving you advice from sinus infections to drizzling honey in your nostrils....weird.

Anonymous said... [reply]

What is growing on that man's chest?

Jimmy said... [reply]

Hope you feel better. I had to succumb a couple of weeks ago, so I know that sleep is going to do you a world of good.

Tusk said... [reply]

I saw this when it aired! I love Nick Frost and I absolutely adore Daisy Haggard!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sonnet to write and need to find a word that ends in "aggard".

Eva said... [reply]

Hope you feel better soon!

Nemesis said... [reply]

ii eee, your remembering that last cold JUST as I was posting about my current one probably means you are magic. I was thinking about that time too (December 12-22nd, for those who care). I had a much better sense of humor about it then--I think full-time jobs possibly kill humor. Should maybe look into becoming a full-time blogger.

Anon, seriously. I thought that too.

Thanks, Jimmy. I took a 4-hour nap yesterday and it was heaven. Am going to lounge around in my own squalor today as well, so as not to jinx the healing.

Tusk, I just spent about 2 hours watching "Man Stroke Woman" clips on YouTube. Some of them were too raunchy to recommend, but the rest had me rolling on the floor--how did I miss out on this!? I suggest "laggard" for your sonnet.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Thanks, Eva!

.::still blinking::. said... [reply]

I had that cold. I went to the dr. after 3 weeks and they gave me antibiotics and the good cough medicine. All better now.

Tusk said... [reply]

That's what you get with British comedy though. Man stroke woman just happens to have more good bits than the average series.

Oh! I can't believe that sweetcorn post was so long ago! That was like my favourite post on here!

April said... [reply]

I love Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz guy! I couldn't stop laughing when he demonstrated how he called for her. hahahahaha

Audra said... [reply]

I hate being sick, and I like to be a big baby when I am sick, but I can't anymore because I have too many babies...

So, I hope the rest helps and you feel back to normal!

Audra said... [reply]
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