Oh. My. Gosh.

Do any of you remember this commercial? Because I absolutely do. I wanted these things almost as much as I wanted a Horse of my Very Own.

Does anyone else think that the French grape girl might be Reese Witherspoon?


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

My sister especially loved these. We always had at least one set hanging around. Especially the kind with decals. They fell off all the time. I mostly wanted the 80's hair those girls had.

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, I finally got a set of press-on nails when I was nine and painted them a horrific pink color. I think they stayed on for all of 2 minutes. :-)

Anonymous said... [reply]

The girl at the end looks like someone... perhaps Amanda Bynes?

Scully said... [reply]

That has got to be Reese Witherspoon. Also, I was a nail biter, so I COVETED these, but my hands were so small it didn't matter how they shrunk them, they were too big for my nails. Still are, actually. And wouldn't Amanda Bynes have been a fetus when this commercial was filmed?

Nemesis said... [reply]

The bigger question is whether there are more than two girls in this commercial or if it's the two girls (one blond and one brunette). Because if it's just two girls then I'm going to have to say no on the Reese question.

Miss Hass said... [reply]

My parents would let me buy press-on nails when we would make the 4-hour trip to Salt Lake every month-ish for orthodontist appointments and trips to Costco. I loved me some press-on nails.

Scully said... [reply]

I think each 'flavor' or whatever is a different girl, they just all have the same 'look'. The side-pony tail, the big scruncis/alligator clips, the brightly colored clothes. But only two of them actually speak.

La Dolcezza said... [reply]

My mom got those for all my friends that came to my 10th birthday party. Then I invited more people than she bought nails for. Bad idea. I think she wasn't happy with me. But hey, more nails for me!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I totally had press on nails that were silver. One day I was sitting on the front stoop, pretending that I had magic in my press-on fingers and pointing at cars and casting spells on them when one guy pointed back. And he laughed. And I was so embarrassed I ran inside the house.
But I wore those nails so often that I had to stick them on with rolled up bits of masking tape.
Thanks for letting me reminisce.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

I only got them once, but they kept falling off too. I used to scotch tape them on.

My mom hated them with a passion. She used to be a beautician and so she would lecture me about what they'd do to my nails.

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T & J & V said... [reply]

The fact that Reese Witherspoon was in a commercial for them makes me feel a little better about the fact that I too loved these!

chosha said... [reply]

Definitely her.

Avon now makes press-on dry nail polish. I wonder if it stays on any longer??

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