Say what you will about terrorists . . .

But I think we can learn a thing or two from them when it comes to wage negotiation. Can't you just see it?

Job Offerer Person: We will give you A amount.

Terrorist: No. I will take C amount.

JOP: What about B amount?

Terrorist: Aaaaaaaand the price just went up to D. Wanna waste my time some more?

JOP: Wait, that's not how it's supposed----

Terrorist: ---Also? You'll be receiving a severed arm in the mail. Best wishes.

They say that women especially have a hard time with negotiating and asking for more. Whereas for men it doesn't feel like this emotionally taxing, risky behavior. One reason I've heard for why men make more that women (even if they have the same job) is that when men get a job offer they're far more likely to raise the offer by a few percentage points.

Ladies, we need to buck up. Remember: WWATD?


Yankee Girl said... [reply]

Back when I was studying this kind of stuff I ran across a bit of terrorism training advice that I meant to pass on to you but don't think I ever did. It went like this:

"You’ll need to understand library science and other methods of obtaining information. You’ll have to become a specialist at information warfare, and you’ll need to understand what it means to be in the information age."

So your post today forces me to ask are you a terrorist? Other good qualities of a terrorist: diligent, doers not talkers, patient, really good secret keepers. Again, are you a terrorist?

As I think back over some of your posts a lot of them seem to be about eating local-grown food. Do you have some sort of a plan to destroy the world and this is your way warning your followers that the time is near and that they need to prepare themselves for the eventuality that they won't be able to get food shipped to them?

I'm on to you Nem--and now the FBI or CIA might be on to you as well; you'd better start checking your stat counter.

Also (sorry for the long comment) I just posted some interesting pics that really speak to our problems of not buying local foods and eating too much processed food.

Miss Hass said... [reply]

If I weren't so replaceable at work, I'd consider this negotiation tactic. Perhaps if I held the director hostage...

Jon Boy said... [reply]

I've negotiated salary a couple of times. It was a little nerve-wracking, but I got through it and even ended up getting what I asked for.

Jenny said... [reply]

I want a job now, if only to think to myself, what would a terrorist do? Maybe I can apply these tactics in small ways with the kids.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Yankee Girl, you know a terrorist never tells . . . am heading over to look at your pics.

Yeah, sorry Hass. I guess the grad student teachers are a bit like feeder fish. But I have no doubt you'll discover your inner terrorist in time.

See? Everyone, check out Jon Boy. Good job! The article I read said that guys are a lot more willing to give it a try without worrying that it sets the wrong tone or gets things off on the wrong foot. Or something.

Jenny, embrace it. I'll make you a bracelet with WWATD? on the side.

miranda said... [reply]

just a quick vent about job search in utah. i would have been happy to negotiate pay. just to get to that point. but when i was newly married, and looking for a job, the most common questions were not about me, nor were they about my qualifications. they were the following:

"does your husband have a job?" followed by "what is he doing?"

i suppose if i was wiser at that time (and thinking like a terrorist) i would have told the interviewers it was none of their business. and to watch their backs.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Ho. Ly. Crap, Miranda. Isn't it illegal for them to even ASK if you're married??

Grrrrr . . . some people's children

The advice I've read about a situation like that is that you're supposed to answer their "real" question with something like, "Are you concerned that I might not be planning to stay long in the area?"

Or you can shoot them the Eyebrow when asked about your husband and say "Sorry, I thought I was the one being interviewed. Moron."

That would impress them, I bet.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

One of the good things about being a public school teacher is that your salary is figured out for you.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I heard of a job interviewee in Utah County (teaching) that was asked for a temple recommend. Really.

Of course, terrorists are really into having lots of wives. That might work for you. How do you feel about the burka?

Jon Boy said... [reply]

"See? Everyone, check out Jon Boy. Good job! The article I read said that guys are a lot more willing to give it a try without worrying that it sets the wrong tone or gets things off on the wrong foot. Or something."

Well, thanks, but my point was that I did worry that I was getting myself in trouble. Especially at one student job where I was hired so fast that the topic of pay didn't really come up, so I actually asked for a higher salary after I was hired. That was awkward, but my boss very nice and understanding and gave me what I asked for.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Sorry, Jon Boy. I didn't mean to imply that it was easy for you. But that fact that you did it anyway is great. :-)

chosha said... [reply]

WWATD? I may need to embroider that on a cushion.

Iggy Bloggit said... [reply]

dammit i wish you came up with this like 3 weeks ago. now i am totally locked in on my wages for... hmm well maybe not that long? WWATD? i can work this...

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