It's a really good thing I'm going to Hawaii in like 5 days

Otherwise I would probably be killing and eating people. Can feel myself inching toward a nuclear meltdown but am determined to stave it off. What's quite possibly even more frustrating is not being able to tell the Internet all about it because it's absolutely work-related. And I don't want to get fired. Much.

Also I'm bothered because because the valley is trying, yet again, to join the century and get a county-wide library system--which, yay! Because it would mean that any resident could get books from any of the libraries rather than having their library services limited to what their own city has decided to provide. Which, for some of these communities, consists of a Boo-Radley-style hole in a tree with a few soap children and pamphlets crammed inside.

But now all these nasties are crawling out from their ammunitions bunkers to post at the Herald Journal website about how they don't want to pay for libraries they have no intention of using. And no one needs libraries anyway. Also when we force them to pay for our freaky and unnecessary reading habits then that's Satan's plan. And people who live in rural communities apparently made the choice to live without adequate library services and so that's what they get.


Am going here in 5 days. I can make it.

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Jenny said... [reply]

Made donkey noises because I was laughing so hard about boo radley. Also, I was looking online to request a hold on the movie moments before I read your post. So rad.

I'm sorry some people are freaks.

Desmama said... [reply]

I just logged on and read their comments, and yes, there's just nothing to do but shake my head and roll my eyes. And froth at the mouth and per'aps start envisioning what the voodoo doll will look like . . .

I'm so glad you're going to Hawaii. It's kind of a wretched time of year to be stuck here.

coolmom said... [reply]

You can most definately make it!!! Also, one day soon all this stress will all be a distant memmory so just pretend it's already a distant memory. Throw yourself into your wonderful future and look back and laugh. It works sometimes.

April said... [reply]

You ever notice how the people who gripe the loudest are usually the richest? Sure, they like the library because they can use their services for free (the rich like free things). But are they willing to pay their share to furnish a larger library that can expand its services and provide more quality to its users? Of course not.

The other library that I was working at had been trying for more than 10 years to get a new library. The building its currently housed in is condemnable: caving ceilings, unsettled foundation, heating problems, and absolutely no place to sit down. Not to mention it locked me in the freaking bathroom! Argh. But will the village board move to go ahead with the construction of the new building (the site is approved, plans drawn up, donations continually trickling in) which will also house a senior citizen center? Nope. They'd rather eliminate the library completely, though it has more than 8,000 card-carrying members, and instead build just a senior citizen center, which has about 10 members. Makes sense, doesn't it?

In other words, I feel your pain.

BEFore said... [reply]

All you reading types are deviants and weirdos.

You might want to add one of these to your wishlist.c

abby said... [reply]

I did one of my library school assignments on rural libraries. There are some really progressive things happening in the boondocks of Illinois. I lost the paper and don't remember the name of the town I found. I wonder how many people in these CV towns have internet service. Do they realize how much money they will individually save by having an expanded library system in their town? Some people are just stupid.

Frey said... [reply]

Ammunition bunkers :) There isn't room in there for luxuries like books. Plus if the library were still standing you'd have to face people eating librarians.

I've found this advice on fast forwarding to be wise and useful.

Melanie said... [reply]

I found your blog through a long trail of links from other blogs and I think there's a serious possibility that we could be good friends. I'm also a twenty-something LDS spinster in the making. I even work in an archive in a forgotten back room of my school's library.

Are you going specifically to Kauai? I was there this time of year about two years ago. It was beautiful! It rained, a lot, but I think that was just a freak season. Be sure to eat french toast with coconut syrup; it's fabulous.

Jon Boy said... [reply]

The Salt Lake County Library System is one of the awesomest things ever. I really missed it after living for several years in Utah County. I don't know why anybody wouldn't want to make such a great service available to the public.

.::still blinking::. said... [reply]

I am jealous.

And you know, all this progress is sending us straight to Hell!

You should possibly start spitting gum in peoples hair as they are leaving the library.

HiloLiving said... [reply]

Just dropped by and wondering where in Hawaii. cwm

Holliberry Guttersnipe said... [reply]

I live in the Seattle area and am madly in love with the King County Library system. If you look at kcls.org you will know why. I use it so much I have the ten digit code for my library card memorized. I heart libraries.

Hope the sane people win out over the crazies. We have lots of crazies here and somehow we still have a library system... there is hope.

jeri said... [reply]

Our area is working on a 4-city library and I'm really excited about it! Because maybe now I can actually get a book-club set of books without having to enslave someone to get one for me.

When we were in Hawaii my sister and I ate so much fresh pineapple that we had sore mouths. But it was All Worth It. So good luck with that. Also if you're going to Kauai you should check out the sea-kayaks on the Wiamaia river.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Jenny, I am sorry too. Also, hope you enjoy the movie. Gregory Peck is my boyfriend.

Desmama, I know!

Thanks, mummy. Will do.

April, that is 12 kinds of messed up about your library. Also, a senior center? Instead of a library? COME on!!(said in the voice of Gob from Arrested Development)

Before, am adding that to my birthday wish list--thanks!

Abby, indeed. Indeed some people are. I think a lot of the tiny towns are worried that people won't use their local libraries anymore if they have access to the bigger ones. But the point is that the books would come to THEM, so they'd probably spend moretime at their own branch than they do now!

Frey, thanks for the link!

Melanie, welcome! Let's be blogging BFFs :-). We're going to Oahu for just the first day and then off to Kauai for the rest of the week. I spent two days in Kauai a few years ago and it was heaven. Simply cannot wait. If anyone wants to send in recommendations that'd be fab! The one about the french toast is duly noted.

Jon Boy, seriously! They don't even realize what they're saying no to! It's like saying "No, I don't want your Godiva chocolate. I'm all set with my crumbly 6-yr-old Hershey bar, thanks."

Still Blinking, I will consider your gum spitting idea. 'Course, I'd have to start chewing gum for that to work . . .

Hiloliving, it'll be mostly Kauai. I've never been to your island--I bet it's fabulous.

Holliberry, thank you! Would love to work out there one day, actually.

Jeri, the Waimaia River is absolutely on the list. Thanks!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]


Oh, yeah, that's right, you've only mentioned it 80 times in the last three months. Hee.hee. :)

I hope you have a great time. Both for yourself and those of us who have to consider UTAH a vacation so that the kids can know their grandparents. . .

Some day.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Oh, and on that horrible Harold Journal dicussion: I just had to stop reading when the one person who wrote in said that CV needed another Wal-Mart instead of a library. Why do ultra-conservatives immediately view every program that benefits the group (and not the individual) as a threat to LIFE AS WE KNOW IT? I'm starting to be proud to be a liberal commie pinko if only it disassociates me with people who think a community libary is the equivalent of buying groceries for other people. (Though I'd like to point out that if those other people actually NEED groceries and you have the means to help . . . isn't that just the right thing to do?)

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, my other favorite is the people who feel that since THEY personally get everything they need from Border's Bookstore and the Internet then that should be enough for everyone. Unless they're beggars, of course.

Saxon said... [reply]

I wish I could afford to go on Holiday to Hawaii.

Heck I wish I could afford to go on Holiday anywhere!

Kristeee said... [reply]

Oh, Kauai's sooo gorgeous! We spent two days there and it just wasn't long enough. Fortunately work can't follow you to the islands - all the dumb Sprint-using book stealers can't follow you there!

Have you tried macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup? Mmmmmm. Heavenly. And eat some Caramacs for me.

April said... [reply]

Everytime I see Will Arnett, I start singing in my head, "It's the final countdown! do-do-do-do-dooo!"

Nemesis said... [reply]

April, Bwah hahahahah! Now that's in my head and will likely never leave. Hee hee.

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