So hard to concentrate

It's sunny outside right now for the first time in forever. I want to blog but can't think about anything. And I doubt you want to hear me talk about Hawaii, or the bathing suit I just ordered online, even if those are the only things I can actually think about right now. (Let's just hope the suit doesn't make my legs look like these. Because if so then it is going right back.)

So. Anyone want to give me a topic? Otherwise you're going to have to hear about Sprint, who is on my crap list. In fact, I'm just going to tell you about it. When I call someone's cell phone, I want to hear a ring tone. Okay, that's not totally true. I want to hear Ioan Gruffudd's voice on the other end whispering sweet naughty Welsh things to me. Failing that, though, the ring tone is pretty much what I'm after. I do not wish to hear a message informing me that they hope I'll enjoy listening to the following music while they connect me. Here's some advice to Sprint: rather than hoping I'll enjoy it (I don't) why not just take the risk out and NOT spring crappy ghetto-booty music on me. Thank you.

Plus, the people who use that service are the people who don't turn in their library books. Which is why I'm calling them. Being forced to listen to crappy music on top of that does not put me in a forgiving frame of mind. Just a thought to all the fine-dodgers out there.


Hannah said... [reply]

I wish I was going with you! I love it there. Wave hello to my parents as you pass through Laie...

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hey Hannah, I need to find out where that place is on the north shore with the chocolate pies. Jenny was telling me about them--can you fill me in?

Desmama said... [reply]

Ooohhh, how I hope Edgy reads this post. Because if you call his cell phone, that's what you get, and I always thought that was his choice. Not so?

Sherry said... [reply]

I HATE those ringer things too! If you really like a song and want to hear it a lot, set it as your ring tone. Do not force the people who are calling you to hear that song over and over! Gah!

TheMoncurs said... [reply]

I was JUST eyeballing that suit for my May trip to Hawaii. But I'm really afraid for my thighs..I just had a baby and they are really not their normal selves (and may never be again). I mean, I could work out, but...

abby said... [reply]

My mom had one of those music ring tones. She had Rob Stewart playing on it BY CHOICE. I had to tell her to take it off because it was causing my ears to bleed.

In happier news, try an assai bowl (assai is a brazilian fruit that they make into a smoothie). There is a place on the North Shore about twenty minutes from Laie that sells them. If you can't find it, Matsumotos Shaved Ice is really good.

BEFore said... [reply]

A great song to get you ready for Hawaii.

chosha said... [reply]

My latest ring tone came straight off The Book Guardian's playlist.

Cute bathing suit! Whether to blog yourself in it is your choice, but bring us back a sunset, yes? You know, for those of us who are not going to Hawaii and must live vicariously through other holiday-makers.

AmandaStretch said... [reply]

Chosha - Really!? That makes me happy! Which song?

Nem - Have so much fun. One month from now I'll be in Florida. Three months and I'll be at a beach house. I wish it were sooner.

Dave said... [reply]
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Dave said... [reply]


Too Right! I hang up as soon as I hear crap music. It's just not worth it.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Cooked bratwurst. Bwah!!!!

That suit is a thing of beauty.

coolmom said... [reply]

Blue looks great with a tan! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

blackjazz said... [reply]

Since this seems to be a sort of free-for-all posting and I'm not going to Hawaii, I'd like to comment on gum again :-)

I've found a use for it...

Apparently, chewing helps to clean your ears - it's true! According to the Wikipedia, earwax moves along the ear canal at a rate equivalent to the growth of fingernails and as it does so, it carries with it dirt, dust and particulates. "Jaw movement assists this process by dislodging debris attached to the walls of the ear canal, increasing the likelihood of its expulsion."

If you poke your ear with your finger or a cotton swab, you're pushing the dirt back down the canal.

Enjoy your holiday.

EmAndTrev said... [reply]

Hi there! When we visited the north shore, we went to a place called Ted's Bakery. It's been around for ages and they had some divine treats! Try the chocolate haupia cake--dee-lish!

Another fun place (since I'm offering my unsolicited advice--haha) on the north shore is Matsumoto's Shaved Ice. It's another lovely local offering.


Nemesis said... [reply]

Blackjazz, I love that within two comments I get to read about both chocolate haupia cake (thanks, emandtrev!) and earwax.

Yum. :-)

Kelly said... [reply]

I really hope the suit looks good because it's super cute.

Natalie said... [reply]

That is a cute suit. I am jealous. And your mom is really funny.

Also, I cannot be too upset about the ghetto-booty music or the fines, because this post was the first laugh of my morning.

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