Thanks are in order

First off, I must thank my parents, who made this trip possible. Especially my dad who dragged himself off the beach every day to go do the things I wanted to do, even when those things consisted of eating hot noodle soup in a tiny dive in Lihue. And my mom who kept buying me little presents. They are the coolest.

Thanks also to my aunt and uncle for bailing out and leaving an empty room at the Hale Koa. When I woke up the first morning this was my view. So yeah. Sorry y'all were busy . . .

Thanks to my sister Jenny, who is such a noble person that even though she couldn't come along she mailed me her darling swim skirt in the hopes that I would look more attractive in pictures.

Thanks to Kee beach, for giving my father a place to bask while the rest of us participated in exertion-type activities along the Kalalau trail.

Many, many thanks to the good people of Portugal for inventing malasadas and bringing them to Hawaii. And also to the lovely women of Kauai Bakery for selling them to me two days in a row and not laughing when I tasted my first chocolate-filled one, moaned obscenely, and then marched back up to the counter (possibly knocking over a large man) to order three more.

Stay tuned for next installment!


Frey said... [reply]

A most gracious acceptance speech. You even thanked the losers for losing. And you didn't forget the little people - except what about the birds who first brought seeds over to colonize the volcano?

And nice of you to acknowledge the people you had to knock over. Possibly a large man :) You went back for three more to share with your friends back here I'm sure.

Jenny said... [reply]

oh holy crap. I need to go to portugal.

Anth said... [reply]

Sigh. So jealous.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Chickens eat cigarette butts? Your pictures are great as was Hawaii by the numbers. How did the interview go? Or did I miss something?

Lippy said... [reply]

Oh those views are just what I need to get past this last bit of winter. I need hot weather.

Thanks for knocking me over. It's ok though, those treats looked incredible!

Oh, and you really are a pretty Lady, you know that?

Would love to hear a little more about that Kalalau trail.

Azúcar said... [reply]

I am in favor of all Lenten donuts, including malasadas.

Natalie said... [reply]

What great pictures! I am glad you had a wonderful time. Also, your parents look really tan.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Frey, even if I possessed a generous enough heart to bring malasadas home to my friends, I KNOW my willpower would not have lasted the flight.

Jen, yeah you do. Or just Hawaii.

Anth, I'm jealous now too, if that's any consolation. Now that I'm back at work and freezing an' all. ;-)

STM, the interview went fine but now I'm waiting to hear if I got the job or not.

Lippy, you are a gallant, gallant man!

Azucar, have you ever tried the malasadas? Sinfully good, I tell you what.

Natalie, they DO look tan. And you know what's funny? That was the first day there. You should have seen them by the end!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love malasadas. I didn't know they filled them with chocolate. That sounds amazing! It looks like you had an amazing trip.


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