More Hawaii pics

Just in case some of you didn't feel like hitting me in the head with a brick yet.

(My mom says I shouldn't say that because it isn't ladylike. But I think it's okay. I mean, there aren't even any swear words in it, gosh. Also it's a literary reference to Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man, which is one of the funnier books ever written.)

For Lippy, here is another pic of the Kalalau Trail. It was absolutely gorgeous. You start at Kee Beach and hike 2 miles to another beach. If you're insane, you keep going another 9 miles. But we felt good with what we'd accomplished. I got into a race with this nutso hiker with the two metal walking sticks who just did not like the fact that a non-walking stick girl was going faster. He ate my dust in the end, though.

I also learned that people comment when they see a librarian shirt. I need to get some sexier librarian shirts in that case. The tie-dyed do-rag is in honor of AmyJane, who made it for me. She was my Kauai companion about 4 years ago but couldn't make it this time, not sure why . . .

After the hike we went to Hanalei and ate at the restaurant formerly known as Zelo's Beach Shack, now called Kalypso. I had fish tacos. They were beautiful. I was disappointed though, that they no longer had the seafood burrito the size of a baby. That's the only reason we went to Kauai, dangit. The best think about Zelo's is that you sit on this lovely lanai and look around and think about how lucky you are to be there.

The only real cloudiness happened in Hanalei Bay, where I got this cool shot of the pier.

And lo, it is my chicken friends!

Here's the Special at Hamura's Saimin. It was not my dad's favorite meal, I know, but I just love this kind of stuff.

We kayaked up the Wailua river and then hiked up to the falls. We passed this cool mini falls on the way. Hello, The Color Green. I have missed you.


Frey said... [reply]

Well I do feel like hitting you in the head with a metal walking stick. Way to go- you beat a disabled person:)

Mer said... [reply]

I'm an East Coast/West Coast traveler trapped in L**** for another few years, and I thought that I was the only one.

Your blog, and it fills me with gooey, snarky-licious warm fuzzies.

daltongirl said... [reply]

Is that FRESH ramen? Because I was feeling really, really happy for you until I saw that picture. And now I just want to hit you over the head with a brick. I have been trying to get someone to serve me fresh ramen for lo, these many years. I had no idea I just had to skip over to Hawaii for it.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

What is more deadly than a brick?

And I might be with your dad on the food. Was that floating spam?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Yeah Frey, that's just what I do for fun.

Welcome, mer! Will have to check our your blog now . . .

Daltongirl, would it help if I lied and told you it wasn't fresh? I'm sure my dad wishes he could have given you his portion.

STM, it wasn't SPAM but that would have been funny! We're pretty sure the pink & white bit was the fishcake. The other pink stuff was ham.

LeolaniNYC said... [reply]

this is going to sound rude, so please forgive me in advance. i'm a friend of your friend celeste and she mentioned to me you went to Kauai, which happens to be my home so I read your blog. I just wanted to let you know it's HAMURA Saimin and it's totally awesome! I hope you had a lovely time visiting my home. Oh, you're also correct that Zelo's was awesome.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Leolaninyc, we are SO fighting. Except not really. Thanks for pointing it out, apparently my speller was broken. And I kept thinking "Samurai," which didn't help. I didn't even know Celeste reads my blog, so that was nice to hear!

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