Yes, I'm a posting slacker

And today I'm not going to be much better.

Freshome has published a list of the 30 most creative bookshelf designs. You may remember I have a thing for bookshelves. Some of these, like this one, are supercool.

Others had me wincing inside and and wanting to reach out and hold the books that will surely be destroyed if they remain long in such a configuration.

Those who are like me are probably having to remind themselves to breathe deeply right now. It's okay.

I've got a jam-packed weekend of sweetness and light in front of me. Tonight I'm going out for a steak dinner to sate my desire for roasted flesh, and tomorrow Spitfire and I head down to Provo for Easter with the Precii. We will be eating these cookies and I will make My Famous Deviled Eggs Which I'm Sure Are My Ticket To One Day Catching a Man.

The one bit of the weekend I'm nervous about it the part where I present Savvy with the poncho I knitted for her. She requested purple but the only purple yard I could find also has tiny flecks of bright orange in it. Am desperately hoping that she will be thinking of this when she looks at it. (Jen, start showing these pictures to her now, please.) And not so much of these scattered on a purple poncho, which is where my mind goes every single time I look at the thing.


April said... [reply]

I actually liked the second bookcase more than the first. I'd be constantly afraid of everything falling off the first one. And if you just put in non-classic literature in the second bookcase, you can have an explosion of colors and not care what condition they end up in because they can always wind up in an annual garage sale.

The cookies look good, but I don't have the patience for complicated recipes. I got tired just reading it.

Nemesis said... [reply]

April, Jen is making the cookies. That makes the whole thing That Much Better! :-)

Saxon said... [reply]

to second april's opinion, I prefer the second bookcase too

Nemesis said... [reply]

You are all sick heathens.

Cicada said... [reply]

Just don't look at my post today. I deliberately destroyed books for the sake of art. Sorry.

i i eee said... [reply]

I third April's choice of bookshelf.

Lippy said... [reply]

I think I kind of agree with you that the one bookshelf amounts to book abuse!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Wish I could have some of those cookies, though.

Dick said... [reply]

Coolmom wants the recipe for those cookies. Is anyone making the "Easter basket cake"?

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

The beehive arrangement makes me want to break out in hives. It truly does. Sorry. The first one scares me a bit as well. I like curly-cues, but I'd be scared of dominoes.

chosha said... [reply]

I don't like designs like the second one you posted, because they rely on the books being a certain size to work. I do like creative designs though, because I like it when art is functional. Not that it has to be for me to like it, but I appreciate the cleverness of it.

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