Because "meme" is long for "me"

Grabbed this Friday Fill-in because it's Friday and I absolutely cannot wait for the weekend to start.

1. On my laziest day I like to _____!

[This one is hard because I feel pretty lazy most days. Only sometimes laziness can be a virtue, let me tell you. Like the part where I was lazy and hadn't delivered the 2300 Summer Reading Program fliers to all the little eager screaming children. We found out yesterday that we had to move the date. So now I can just change the fliers and get them out and no one will ever know. Laziness saved the day!]

But if I could just plan a lazy day I would sleep in/lounge in bed until 10:00, then go to Crumb Brothers for breakfast. I would sit out on the sunny porch and enjoy my breakfast while exchanging morning greetings with all the Volvo-and-golden-retriever owners also there. Would find a hammock somewhere to work off breakfast. Then the weather would take a turn for the worst and I'd go inside to eat cinnamon rolls and take a nap in my Down Comforter of Fabulousness while watching North and South.

2. _The people I hire to praise me_ make me feel like I'm being productive.

3. I love little _doll furniture--no lie, those tiny little issues of TIME magazine make my eyes tear up_ and big _Whole Nut Cadbury chocolate bars_.

4. This summer I want to _go on a road trip, gas prices be darned_.

5. _Yankee girl_ made me start my blog.

6. Red _is not good for my rage_ and orange _juice should be pulp-free and fortified with calcium (if it's not fresh-squeezed and served by strapping youths on the beach, of course)_.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _Indiana Jones and much snuggling_, tomorrow my plans include _the Farmers Market and global domination_ and Sunday, I want to _light a fire under the organist's chair to keep her on a tempo that doesn't put me in a coma_!


jeri said... [reply]

You're awesome. And if you succeed with the organist, let us know your strategy because ours could use some persuasion as well.

BEFore said... [reply]

>> 1. On my laziest day I like to _____!

This one is already filled in.

Jenny said... [reply]

You forgot about coming to my house and eating several varieties of home made ice cream, ho!

And we should totally watch north and south, I have cinn roll dough in the freezer, and I'm pretty sure one of the kids will snuggle with you.

Natalie said... [reply]

Re: Lazy days - I am totally with you! I was just in charge of a big project, and people were like, "Who is that lady carrying the boxes? She looks kind of like Natalie..."

Also, while I was at BYU, our ward pianist (no organs in the classrooms in the Eyring Science Center that double as chapels) was an organ performance major. we had the opposite problem - it was always the closing hymn polka, and the poor chorister looked like she was trying to take flight. Good times. Good times.

And, on your recommendation, I am going to the video store right now to see if that have North and South. I don't know what I am missing!

Snorkeler said... [reply]

ooooh! I like the idea of a "closing hymn polka"! I am spoiled in my congregation with an absolutely fabulous organist! Sometimes the congregation has a hard time keeping up with us....but at least they aren't napping between notes. I love staring down the deacons...daring them to crack open a hymnal and sing.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Lest anyone think I'm singling anybody in my ward out for abuse, I'm really not. There are a bunch of people who play the organ, and about two of them move things right along at a decent clip. You can guess what the others do.

Desmama said... [reply]

Go easy on organists. Most of us have had little if any formal training and are just thrust into playing by a well-meaning bishop and/or branch president. A good organist, like a good editor, is only noticed when they DON'T do their job, not usually when they do. And lemme tell you, congregations aren't exactly known for their tempo-keeping, either.

BEFore said... [reply]

>>And lemme tell you, congregations aren't exactly known for their tempo-keeping, either.

As long as you can get the conductor on the same page, I say just go the correct tempo and let the congregation be a step behind. Since most are following by sound rather than sight they'll be behind anyway.

Mad Hadder said... [reply]

Organists? Tempo? I'd settle for something interesting to "chew on" coming from the pulpit!!! On my laziest day I...hmmmmmm...putter in my knitting loft, taking time to knit on projects randomly and thumb through pattern books. I'm a master of lazy days. My problem is squeezing in some productive ones!!!!! Hey Nem, nice tour of your biblioteca yesterday. We've got a major 3 week road trip planned in July! Room for one more! Catch any or part of it. Mimi's included. Smashing compadres!

jeri said... [reply]

From the organist's point of view (just a funny post I liked) Hug an Organist

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Curses! I was going to do global domination on Sunday. Now I'll have to accelerate my plans . . .

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