Unforseen job perks

So, without saying too much, let me tell you that my sister Spitfire is affiliated with an organization which sometimes has occasion to visit people's homes and chat with them about the illicit substances found therein. And then maybe take them away for a little while to think about their choices.

Yesterday I invited her to come over, eat dinner, and watch the season finale of The Office with me. She came for dinner but couldn't stay because she had to work later.

Spitfire: BUT, I could try to catch some of it while I'm working.

Me: What, while you're at the house?

Spitfire: Yeah. I mean, if the TV's on . . . I've done it before. Like with Jazz games and stuff. Or if Utah State is playing.

Me: So you're watching TV and nobody minds?

Spitfire: Well, usually the people who live there are watching anyway, while they wait. And then it's kind of nice, because it's like, "Hey, see? We're both people. We both like the Jazz. It's just that you're watching in handcuffs and I'm taking notes about what's hidden in your underwear drawers."


BEFore said... [reply]

Tell Spitfire she's hilarious once more. Or still. Or whatever.

I still can't decide whether I loved or hated the finale.

Valli said... [reply]

Haa ha!
Nice perk.
So did Spitfire actually get to do that last night? Or were the underwear drawer contents too scandalous to allow fraternization with the enemy?

Desmama said... [reply]

I can so hear this conversation taking place. Spitfire is such a fun person to converse with.

Scully said... [reply]

I would imagine it would be a bit uncomfortable to be watching the YouTube video of Ryan being let away hand-cuffed whilst the person with whom you are watching is sitting on their couch in handcuffs.

Mad Hadder said... [reply]

The fact that I fell asleep during the final 10 minutes is more of a reflection on the kind of day I'd had than the show. So I need to watch it on-line. Love The Office. Paid to look through underwear drawers? Hmmmmm....I guess i get paid to peer into seventh grade minds. Hey, wait! Not much difference!!!!!

Spitfire said... [reply]

For the record, there was A LOT of underwear, but no tv!!

Emily said... [reply]

Oh, that's hilarious.

And, PS, SLC would be super proud of you for riding your bike.

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