Wedding update

It's still on, so that's good. I figured it might be fun to show what I'm working on, in case anyone's interested.

And even if you're not interested, you're going to sit there and hear about it. Because it is what I eat, sleep, and breathe right now. I couldn't get to sleep last night because I was thinking about whether I could ditch a veil and just have tiny stephanotis flowers or pins in my hair. Opinions, anyone? I think it would be awesome.

So. This is the inspiration for the color scheme (from Waterlily Pond). Y'all know how much I love me some red, but lately I've really been liking how clean the green and whites look together, especially in the summertime. I didn't think I'd find a way to work those three together until I saw this:

Pretty, huh? And not at all Christmassy, which was my worry.

My dress is gorgeous and I love it. Here's a sneak peek. It's being altered now and having sleeves added so I don't subject the world to my hulking Milkmaid Shoulders of Doom. And, you know, so they'll let me into the temple to get married. Little things.

Since no outfit is complete without shiny red shoes, I'm wearing these with my dress.

I'm not having bridesmaids. I just asked the sisters (my two and his three) to wear something pretty & black with kickin' red shoes. So that we may take Red Shoe Pictures together. This is the Shabby Apple dress that Jen & Spitfire are investigating.

And now suddenly I'm feeling like I quite need a black dress too. I'm sure I do.

Since my darling flower friend had to bail (shaking my fist at you, England) I'm actually thinking about one of the local grocery store florists for the bouquet & boutonnière and whatnot. Word on the street is that they do a fine, affordable job as long as you're specific about what you want and don't want. (ie, If I see leather leaf anywhere I will rip it out and make you eat it. Preshaytcha.) So something like these, maybe with red satin ribbon wrapped around the stems.

The Spreadsheet of Destiny (you remember, the one I also want to marry) is through Google Docs. It's so cool--it's online so I can get to it from anywhere, and I send invites to people who need or want to see it or add to it. Also the guest lists and mailing addresses are on there, so I will never again in life lose your address. Exciting, huh?

There. And now I won't make you listen to more of this for at least one week.


lilcis said... [reply]

I think the flowers instead of a viel totally works and would be so beautiful! How fun, I'm so excited for you!

nyc_ransoms said... [reply]

I love stephanotis! I also think you should skip the veil. Looks like your wedding will be lovely and classy.

coolmom said... [reply]

The flowers remind me of plumeria (sp?) which is Hawaiian and we are all about all things Hawaiian so flowers get my vote. I want them in my hair too, now that you mention it, but I guess that would be tacky.
I can't wait to see the stark contract to your blog when to you start doing the "Alaskan posts" from mommy's house.

coolmom said... [reply]

I hope we are still having cake!!!

Azúcar said... [reply]

Stephanotis are lovely, but if you decide to go in this direction you will want to make sure you have at least two sets. Stephanotis tend to bruise easily and turn ugly shades of brown; they are also not that great in the heat.

Desmama said... [reply]

One of my old roommates used small flowers like that in her hair and I thought they were just lovely. So go for those if they work out.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Azucar, I may just buy some fake ones online--the ones that are already on the bobby pin with the pearl. They might be a bit more fool-proof.

MidCityGal said... [reply]

Wow-- red shoes with your white dress is so cute! Wish I had thought of that. What lovely wedding plans you have!

Natalie said... [reply]

Another vote for flowers in you hair. You will be lovely!

AmandaStretch said... [reply]

I feel like I'm commenting a lot recently for a relative stranger, but oh well. :)

I thought you (and anyone else) might appreciate this site: http://offbeatbride.com/

If nothing else, it's a reminder that you can do your wedding/reception any way you damn well please! I love your ideas so far!

Janssen said... [reply]

VERY nice dress. And I love the flowers (the real ones for the bouquet).

And thanks for wearing cool shoes instead of flip flops. I dry heave when I see people wearing flip flops with a wedding dress. NOT OKAY.

jeri said... [reply]

I still like the idea of a veil because I'm traditional like that. But you do what you want! Your flower ideas are lovely. My sis-in-law got all hers from Costco and they were the most beautiful flowers I've seen.

Scully said... [reply]

Veils seem like a hassle. And I think flower hair pins w/ curls are darling. Also, have those shoes, love them! But, if you are going to be wearing them for a long time, or walking any distance longer than say, 12 feet, I would get one of those Dr. Scholls gel inserts for under the ball of your foot. The shoes are gorgeous, but not made for walking. Or standing for hours for pictures.

Love your wedding colors too. So clean and nice.

Me again said... [reply]

No veil.

And I totally love the idea of no bridesmaids.

I could have done without, and saved a boat load of money!

Gretchen said... [reply]

Stephanotis like adornment would be awesome! Go for it if you like it!

Nells-Bells said... [reply]

I loved having a veil but the flower are super cute. I love your colors and all your ideas! Looks like it will be a beautiful party.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Lilcis, thanks!

And NYC Ransoms, I need to get your mailing address! Is there an email or something I could use? You could also email me at the address in my profile, if you want.

Hi Mommy. I can't wait for that either. I'm actually really, REALLY looking forward to the break. And yes, we're still having cake. Gentleman Friend and I have come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Desmama, I just ordered that set (the ones on the post) from Etsy so we'll see how they look!

Midcitygal, thanks! I'm trying to keep things simple but I hope I'll have a few touches in there that give it a bit of glam.

Natalie, thanks!

Amandastretch, I've never been disappointed by a comment from you. Keep 'em coming!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Janssen, yeah. I do love flipflops ordinarily, but not with that dress.

Jeri, thanks for the tip about Costco. I love their flowers but I don't know who would arrange them once I had them home, you know?

Scully, look at you saving my feet! I will go buy some inserts right away.

Me again, I've known for years an' years that I don't want bridesmaids. Plus, 5 sisters is plenty of girls, I think.

Thanks Gretchen, we'll see how it goes!

Nells-bells, it WILL be a great party, I hope. I suppose you can let me know afterwards how it was!

Kelly said... [reply]

Ooo, love the shoes! And the colors!

So I found these little crystal flower pins at Claire's Icing that I wore in my hair. They kind of looked like crystal stephanotis. I had a fingertip length veil that I wore in the pictures and during the ceremony and at the beginning of the reception. Then I took it off and showed off my pretty hair and crystal flowers. Honestly, I think the veil isn't that necessary and was kind of a last-minute, not very important purchase. I wanted it since I was actually walking down an aisle.

And that's the long way to say, I think you could totally just wear the flowers in your hair

Anonymous said... [reply]

your hair is too pretty to cover up with a veil! the little flowers will look just lovely.

30spokes said... [reply]

I may be the only male reader of yr blog (sans Cooldad) to comment on a wedding-prep post, but I just wanted to vote for the Stephanopoulos flowers. Tres courant et jolie!

I also wanted to comment on the C**** V***** phrase "Preshaytcha." Isn't it kind of like how people use "No offense" on the East Coast when they're openly insulting one another?

"Look, no offense, but I gotta say that youse guys are a bunch of freakin' morons with canoli for brains!"

Which would translate in Utah to:

"Hey, wuz yew barn in a born? Get outta my carn! Yew done got green jello for brains, LaDrell! Flip fetch oh my heck! Oh yeah, preshaytcha."

So this term can be used as a total F.U. to anyone dumb enough (or non-Utahn enough) to think it's a sincere expression of personal appreciation.

Eva said... [reply]

sheesh, I'm sans internet for two weeks and come back and look what happened...

YAY!!! You're getting married! Congrats!

Saxon said... [reply]

And even if you're not interested, you're going to sit there and hear about it.

Yes ma'am. Sitting down and ready to listen

Because it is what I eat, sleep, and breathe right now. Yeah my sisters were a lot like that too before their wedding (strangly enough) Fortunatly I got out of being saddled with lots to do as I was quite young at the time.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

It all looks amazing.

Your shoes are going to rock the house. Especially because they're red shoes.

Also, the let the sisters choose the black dress idea is perfect as well. As a sister of three different brides I have to say that you are definitely a right-thinking person.

Kristeee said... [reply]

First off, congrats!! I'm so excited for you! I love the pearled stephanotis, too. I actually found my veil at a craft store in the first communion veils - I would never have thought to look there.

The plans look lovely. Love the shoes. Just make sure they're comfy. I had the best pair of fluffy white Dr. Scholls reception slippers that saved my feet. Oh, and I think you need a cute black dress, too. You have to wear something to the temple, after all. :)

Natalie said... [reply]

Hello! I think the flowers are very pretty (and yes, I would go with the artificial ones with bobby pins--less to worry about). I just got married about 3 months ago and I did wear a veil, but only for the ceremony and pics(I had rhinestones w/bobby pins in my hair too). Also, something I did that I am completely happy I did as far as flowers and centerpieces go...I went artificial there too. Michael's is my best friend. If you have a moment, look on my blog and there's a link to my wedding pics. I went with calla lilies...I did get them on sale, but still if I had bought them at full price I saved....and I get to keep them now too! Just a small suggestion...not sure what flowers you are having, but good luck!

Kristy said... [reply]

Dude. You cannot ditch the veil. Without a veil, you're just a girl in a white dress.

But whatever you decide will be lovely. Really.

Ana said... [reply]


Oh yes Kristee, I got my veil at the craft store of the first communion veils, not to forget also, the communion girl dresses of my little girls (they are twins). I am so excited with their communion. By the way, with the wedding gown, I love it! it looks like my wedding gown before. :)

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