The fruits of this weekend

Check. It. Out. These were created by the talented and quite possibly magical Alma Loveland (aka Cicada).

I went to her house Saturday morning and was fed a breakfast of pumpkin-chocolate-chip bread from Dough Boys and Flour Girls, antioxidant-rich blueberries and a blackberry IZZE drink. Then we sat in her stylish office and ate while she just, poof, created announcements, insert cards, and thank-you cards for me.

Aren't they fabulous? And if you're sitting there right now thinking "Yeah well, it's too bad I'm not friends with this Alma Loveland," then you're actually in luck. She's gone freelance and is accepting all kinds of work. I don't know that breakfast is included, though--that might have been an extra thing just for me.

I bought the paper and envelopes at the big XpedX in Salt Lake City, and let me tell you, that place is my new boyfriend. They have everything there. I found cream-colored 30% post-consumer paper--the kind that looks like linen. My secret shame is that there was also some 100% recycled paper in a darker cream, but it wasn't as pretty and cool-feeling. So I didn't get it. And then I went ahead and grilled up some endangered birds in the parking lot, using gasoline as a firestarter, and ate them but then left half of them on my plate. Because apparently that's the person I've become.

Alma Loveland and I went to Kinkos to print them out and the woman who worked there gave me such a deal that I almost leapt across the counter and kissed her on the mouth. My other favorite moment was when the ladies at Kinkos kept squealing at my cards' preciousness and calling other employees over to take a look so that they too might squeal.

Also? Check out the thank-you cards she made. I would totally give someone a present if it meant I'd get this card in the mail. Which I would then frame. And possibly worship.

ps. I need to harness the wisdom of the collective, here. Does anyone know SLC? I'm looking for an apartment within an easy distance of the airport but don't want to end up in any ghetto neighborhoods. Can anyone tell me which areas are decent?


j said... [reply]

Those are some pretty good looking announcements.

As for the SLC apartment hunt, can you define what you mean by "within an easy distance of the airport"?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Um, like within a 15 minute drive? GF won't be driving during rush hour so that doesn't have to be a consideration.

Nerd Goddess said... [reply]

Oooh, cute invitations! And if I lived in SLC or knew all about it, I'd let you know. But I don't. So sorry. :(

Emilie said... [reply]

Hi there! I am one (of what I have come to learn are many) of you loyal lurkers :)

LOVE the invites! She'll do well free lance.

Do you HAVE to live in SLC or have you thought about communities just outside? And if so, do you want to head South or North of SLC. I personally live North of SLC and can get to the airport in about 20 mins. But I hear South is a nice way to go too.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Emilie, hello! Outside communities are absolutely great as long as the drive isn't long. I personally would prefer south because north is where all the ^%&$% *&^ construction of %$#@ is.

Not that I have strong feelings about that or anything.

Scully said... [reply]

I don't know what your price range is, but I lived in the Palladio on 300 S for nearly two years. It IS pricey, but they have a pool, hot tub, and fitness room, it is easy to get on I-15 and I-80 from there AND it is within walking distance to the Gateway, Trax, and whatever the ZCMI center is in the process of becoming. If you really feel like walking, you can get to Temple Square and the Library, but those are more like hikes. Crime wise it is near Pioneer Park (aka Homeless Park) but with secured entrances and a security officer that drives around at night, I never felt unsafe. Although, my roommate's bike was stolen off our 2nd floor balcony. Parking can be a hassle if you don't shell out for reserved parking, but I never had a huge problem unless it was late at night.

Oh, and I love the invitations!

Emilie said... [reply]

Ummmm.....so I take it you want to avoid the construction? Got it.

Ok, the first two are North but it's before the construction.

Bountiful and Woods Cross(I don't currently live in either of these fine cities, but I have before). There are some nice apartments in Bntfl, and really the only area to avoid is right next to the Mountain America on Highway 89. Everything else is great.

Woods Cross has more areas to avoid,not a ton, but they are VERY obvious, i.e., run down houses and yards. Woods Cross is about 15 mins away from the airport and you can take I-215 and avoid a lot of traffic.

Right in SLC:

The Avenues are always a good choice. A bit pricey but you pay to be right in the heart of things.

There are many good apartments on South Temple, but again they are a bit on the pricey side and you may be surrounded by students going to the U or LDS business college. Explore the street right around there as well. They are usually pretty good.

West of SLC:

Avoid Rose Park


Sugar House (avoid anything west of 1100 East)

That's all I can think of right off the top of my head that won't be too far from the airport.

Bountiful and Woods Cross are going to get you the closet and STILL be in a good neighborhood. Sugar House and Milcreek are a bit further but not much.

Good luck!

Mona said... [reply]

The Avenues and it's a 10 minute drive to the airport on surface streets. While an earlier poster mentioned that the Aves can be pricey, it really depends on what you're looking for. There are deals to be found and the location is hard to beat.

Some places on Capitol Hill are nice as well--higher on the hill is better.

Jon Boy said... [reply]

Sugarhouse is a nice area. I lived a little west of there, and I thought it was a pretty decent location. We did have a problem with crime, but I think that was mostly because we were on an alley that went right past a 7-11.

The problem with the western parts of SLC and the rest of the valley is that it can be pretty hit-or-miss. Some parts of West Valley City and Magna can be pretty decent, despite the bad reputation, and they're pretty close to the airport. But it seems like generally, the further east you go, the more consistently nice it is.

Azúcar said... [reply]

My best friend is selling her downtown loft-condo for only a skitch over 600k. You let me know the word and I'll hook you up.

nomadic gnome said... [reply]

Love everything about your plans. Congrats - although i will miss your comments on the lackluster life of a singleton (my current existence), weddings are delightful and I'm sure yours will be especially.

I used to live in SLC and haunted the avenues/capitol hill area. My married friends currently live there, right up the street from the Conference Center and they absolutely LOVE the area. It's affordable, about a 15-20 minute drive to the airport, and you can find some very adorable houses/apartments. Plus the neighborhood is all old and quaint and generally to-die-for.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

They're absolutely beautiful announcements and thank you cards. So classy and cool. Wish I knew about Salt Lake, but good luck.

Ann-Marie said... [reply]

Your announcement cards are lovely! Great job Cicada!

Suzie1 said... [reply]

Yes, that Alma is a GENIUS! If I ever get married, she will be the one to do my announcements. But, Alma, you'd probably better still try to find some other work because things aren't looking good... ;)

Edgy said... [reply]

Love the announcements. How much work does Cicada want to do, because maybe I can convince Dec to hook her up a bit.

We live by Liberty Park. When I pick friends up from the airport, I have them text me as they land, and I arrive at the airport just about the time they get their bags off the carousel. So, I'm close.

And here's the joy . . . Right around the corner from me are some condos that they just finished. Just finished as in laid the sod for the landscaping this past Thursday and Friday. The sign says they're in the upper 300s. But I would be thrilled beyond measure to have a right-thinking individual Right. Around. The. Corner.


Oh, and we're four blocks from the trax station. And six blocks from the object of your affections.

Whitney said... [reply]

I would recommend avoiding any kind of commute on Bangerter Highway. We lived in West Jordan for a year in apartments right by Jordan Landing. It was a 15 minute drive to the airport but, to put it lightly, we ABSOLUTELY HATED living there. The worst ward I have ever, ever been in.

Jon Boy said... [reply]

Minor nitpicky point: Shouldn't it be "Cooldad and Coolmom are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter Miss Nemesis to Gentleman Friend son of Gentledad and Gentlemom"? Not that I'm any kind of expert on wedding etiquette and whatnot. They really are great invitations, though, as is to be expected when you have Cicada do them.

Nemesis said... [reply]

I thought it was "to" as well, jonboy, even though I've seen the "and" before. But then Desmama said it was "and." Which gave me permission to grab myself a rockin' ampersand.

So yeah, it might be wrong. But at least 1 editor vouched for it, and now they're prettier.

Cicada said... [reply]

I wondered about to vs. and as well, and in the end, decided that it didn't really matter too much because 1) people know what it's saying and only editors would hesitate, and 2) Nem wanted the ampersand, and I had to agree that it was a fun thing to add.

Natalie said... [reply]

The announcements are beautiful! Thanks for posting them, and great work, Alma!

Also, we live in North Salt Lake, which is the southern-most city in Davis County. And, the 215 is under construction, but you can get to the airport on rural surface streets - it's like driving through Amish country (okay, I'm exaggerating). But there are no stoplights from NSL Center Street and Redwood until you get to North Temple. There are some nice, affordable condos and townhouses in my subdivision - email me if you want to know more. go dot natalie at gmail dot com.

EmAndTrev said... [reply]

Love the announcement and TY card. Talented lady, that Cicada. A friend of mine lives in (near, around?) West Jordan (her husband works off 215 at AMEX) and they really seem to like it. They say the jaunt to the airport is extremely short, but it may be a bit more burb-ish than you want? Let me know and I can ask them about good places out that way.

Mad Hadder said... [reply]

I highly recommend Bear Lake. When we want to fly somewhere we all gather in the town square and take one communal puff on an over-sized bong and we're flying! Actually you should want to live far away from airports--to avoid the jet stream nonconditional defibrilization factor which has contributed to the rise in autism. Are you seriously going to inflict Salt Lake City on your lungs???????????????????

Natalie said... [reply]

Your announcements are adorable! (But not in a 7 year old sorta way.)

SLC...I lived there for 2 years...the first year I lived in the Avenues. Very fun, close to everything, can be a little pricy. The second year I was there I lived in Murray...but like, right on the border of Murray...1 mile from the interstate...Glenn something--I can't remember--sorry! For the same price I was paying in the Avenues I got almost double the house in Murray. Avenues was 2BR, 1Bath...kind of a weird set up...it was a second thought house for sure...Murray was 3BR 2.5Bath, full basement, and backpatio. Sugarhouse is also nice and fairly quick to the interstate...good luck!

Spinster in the City said... [reply]

I live near sugarhouse, in the university streets in the Harvard and Yale area, just south of the U and down to 15th south, It's exactly a 15 min drive to the airport in no traffic. Anyway, I love it there the homes are lovely and quaint and I feel totally safe there. I've seen lots of home for rent lately and the price is cheaper than the avenues I believe. Even if you don't live there just drive around or take a walk around and look at the lovely homes.

chosha said... [reply]

Those are pretty. I like that they are tasteful, but without being stuffy. I mean, the picture is those things you blow your wishes into the wind on, right? How lovely is that? :)

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