If they take it back, I'm going to light the building on fire

Gentleman Friend just got the okay from his higher-ups work--we maybe can go on a honeymoon.

Anybody have any recommendations or un-commendations in San Diego? Other than to stay classy?


lilcis said... [reply]

Yeah, I recommend finding a nice hotel with a comfortable bed - 'cause you aint leaving it, baby!!

Just kidding! I haven't spent a ton of time in SD, but I love Coronado Island. And I hear Sea World is pretty fun. And the Zoo.

Melanie said... [reply]

I'm from San Diego and highly recommend it. If you can afford it, stay at the Hotel Del. If not, have dinner there one night or just walk around the hotel because it's beautiful. The zoo and Wild Animal Park are fun and relaxing, and Old Town and Sea Port Village are also good for strolling and people watching.

I'd say that Coronado or La Jolla would be the best areas to stay. There's also this little mountain town called Julian that's really cute; it's famous for its apples, and there are lots of fun shops and B&Bs - it would take an hour or so to drive up there.

.::still blinking::. said... [reply]

There is a resteraunt in Old Town called Rockin' Baha Lobster. They serve you buckets of sea food and they have a salsa bar. I am not kidding. I would make a trip to San Diego just to get a bucket of that yummy sea food.

KimberlyKV said... [reply]

Ooh ooh. I went to San Diego in August 2007 and had a blast. I know you will enjoy your trip. We walked and rode the trolley everywhere we went, except for the ferry to Coronado and the bus to La Jolla. It was great.

My top recommendations:

Get fish tacos in Old Town. There's a restaurant there that has a huge glass window in the front so you can see the little Mexican ladies making all their corn tortillas by hand.

Get dessert at Extraordinary Desserts.

Go to Balboa Park. It has acres of beautiful gardens and lots of museums.

Heather said... [reply]

We had our honeymoon in La Jolla. We stayed at the Hotel La Jolla. It only has one side to it so every room has an ocean view... well except for maybe the bottom two floors. It was lovely and right near the village at La Jolla. There were many hotels in the village, but they were all much more expensive. If you don't stay in La Jolla definitely visit it while you are there.
Oh, if you like roller coasters, we made the trip up to six flags one day and had a blast.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I would recommend Knott's Berry Farm over Six Flags. Less dirty and less full of creepy people, in my experience. Less full of people altogether, actually, which means more time spent on actual rides instead of in line.

And I'll second Melanie's recommendation for the Wild Animal Park. Also, La Jolla!

Other than that, um, have fun?

Kristy said... [reply]

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Rachel said... [reply]

I thought it was San Francisco that was supposed to stay classy...? At any rate, I hope you have a good time. :)

DanaLee said... [reply]

Having served a mission in San Diego I have got the perfect places for you guys to knock some doors...oh wait, humph guess that isn't honeymooning material. I do however second and third the votes for the zoo and fish tacos in Old Town. Also, the idea for a visit to Julian is HOT! If you go I insist you taste the strawberry rhubarb pies and promptly overnight one to NC! On second thought maybe you shouldn't listen to a spinster's ideas for your honeymoon.

Anonymous said... [reply]

for comfort, quality, and price, head to a Hampton, I just stayed in one in Houston, and their beds are DIVINE.

T & J & V said... [reply]

Hotel Del Coronado is awesome but incredibily pricey, El Cordova is cute and quaint and right across the street. However where ever you stay you should have the Sunday brunch at Hotel Del downstairs overlooking the ocean. We did that and were able to watch dolphins playing in the surf while filling up on the yummy food. Seaworld and the zoo are fun too if you ever manage to do some touristy things!

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