Post is coming, I promise

I can't decide if I should write about:

How I had to forgo the traditional carry-on box of custard-filled Krispy Kreme donuts (my "transportation from the airport" fee) for fear that slavering TSA employees would confiscate them as violating the liquid/gel rule. I know how those TSA people covet them some Krispy Kreme. They probably pray for people to bring jelly-filled donuts through so they can steal them. After tasing whoever brought them.

The 300-lb man in the seat next to me for the 5-hour flight, the volume of his snores, and the way he flailed about as he woke up.

Watching it get darker and then lighter out the window as we approached Alaska (near midnight).

Answering the question, "So is it true???" at church. Which makes me wonder if maybe every couple of years my mom cries wolf and just tells people I got engaged, and this time they want it confirmed from the source. Refrained from answering, "Yep! Suck it, monkeys!" and flashing my ring. Because that would be uncalled for. Especially to people as sweet and excited as these askers are.

The moose I missed while I was in the shower. Thought about running out naked to see it but decided best not to.

The fact that my brothers think it's okay to fart ahead of me on stairs/escalators. Note to brothers: It's not.

The part where the sun came out for the first time today and everyone rushed outside like in that one traumatizing short story by Ray Bradbury.

The fact that I haven't written about any of these things yet means I'm having a wonderful, relaxing time chilling with my family and enjoying the cool, green weather. I've barely gone near my parents' computer. Not that I could if I even wanted to. Coolboy is back and reading up on the 137 movies he missed in the last two years. So obviously that takes priority.


abby said... [reply]

Welcome back to Coolboy! Hopefully we'll see you around on the EDS board again...after you finish reading about your 137 movies.

jeri said... [reply]

I hate that Ray Bradbury story and it still bothers me to this day.

Rachel said... [reply]

I heartily agree with Coolboy's first priority.

I do not agree with farting on people on escalators and such. Brothers are so gross.

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