Yeah, it turns out that I'm a freak

So I've been at my part-time temporary job for one week and it's a lot of fun. I'm in a lovely library, working with cool, funny people, doing fun things with mostly-precious children. So far my tasks consist of:

cutting out pictures of yellow suns
setting out craft supplies
twirling scarfs
singing and clapping
playing with puppets

So yeah. Neener, everyone else.

Except here's the thing. While my primary emotion is gratitude that someone is actually paying me to do these things, there is the other part of me that feels perhaps a tiny bit . . . underutilized. I realize that these tasks are what they need someone to do for them, and I'm glad I get to be the someone. I'm certainly not going to point out that this is the kind of stuff I would've given a volunteer to do, just before I made them wash my car for me. Plus I know I'm going to be trained on more librarian-type tasks soon. I hope.

It just feels so odd now to be in a library and not to be in charge, not to be the boss of something or somebody. There are moments where I swear if someone doesn't give me a peon or at least a flunky I may just lose all my skills. Also I will shrivel up and die.

So it looks like until I get myself back into a management position I'll need to get a houseboy or something to boss. Otherwise I'll end up using GH for my ordering-around needs and there's probably only so much of that he'll voluntarily take.


Tonya said... [reply]

So maybe you should hop into your car and drive back to this cow town that misses you so much and spend some quality time organizing the DVD's at our library that have never been the same since you abandoned us! Maybe you should have your boss give me a call and I will let them know what kind of skills they have just sitting there (or should I say twirling there). I would also remind this so called leader of yours that they only get to have you in their presence for a very short time and that they are squandering in away while you could be putting their library on the MAP!!! What are they thinking!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Puppets? Cutting? Gluing? Hm . . . I bet you are loving making that student loan payment.

coolmom said... [reply]

Yeah, there's nothing quite like the rush of bossing people around. Just ask your dad! You probably inherited a few of those genes. We all know they didn't come from your mother.

Bethany said... [reply]

You could always have a kid... then you'll always have someone to boos around.

Tonya said... [reply]

Sorry to tell you this Bethany...kids...not so much the answer...once you have them, your life is no longer yours...and it often feels like you are being bossed around...feed me...change me...etc. Maybe she should just get a dog...sit..roll over..speak...we all know how much she adores her neighbors' little pooches!

Cicada said... [reply]

Maybe there are rumors in the library community that you seduce and marry your peons. Have you considered that possibility?

Mad Hadder said... [reply]

Seducing and marrying peons???? Oh my. Will that make it past the blogmaster? What? No blogmaster??? You can write anything???? Seriously Nem, I was a k-2 public school librarian for 7 years or so. Best time of my life! My first (and last) real experience of being worshipped. First (and last) time I was exuberantly kissed on the stomach! I lived in mortal fear that someone would discover I was having TOO much fun and cut my salary--which incidentally was bloomingly high in NJ. Relax. Cut out stars. Make a fool of yourself behind a puppet. But beware of the germs--they'll getcha. Clorox wipes--lots and NOW!

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