Happy Birthday to GH!!!

I would use this post to go on and on about how wonderful my hubby is, and I'm sure none of you would get sick at all from seeing the words "hubby" and "stud" and "angelbabe" used over and over and over. (Am I the only one who hears hubby and thinks chubby? I can't be.) Except there's no time for odes because we're driving up to L**** in a few minutes so that GH's mom can feed him pizza and DQ ice-cream cake, which is what the women who really know and love him do. (Note: One day I'm going to bring home a $5 Hot-and-Ready Little Ceasars for dinner just to blow his mind with how awesome I can actually be.)

I didn't do so badly though, I think. He came home from work this morning to pancakes, bacon, eggs, hot chocolate, and pasteurized fresh-squeezed orange juice. (Note: the juice was not squozen by me. I paid $100 and my left kidney to have these people do it. But my GOSH that stuff is like nectar. It's what I treat myself to when I'm feeling sickish and in need of the finer things. Actually, is that a throat tickle? May need to go have some more . . . ) Also he opened his presents:

See??? Enh??? Not a practical item in sight! And I bet y'all thought I was going to get him a mutual fund or something, which is my idea of a truly hot gift. Not this year, folks. Maybe next time.

(Note: There is also one other gift that will be opened later, and not at all posted or discussed on this site. You're welcome. But think knitted teddies.)


Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh, but I think we all (okay mostly me) would like to see the last present... hmmm, wonder if he will like that...

FoxyJ said... [reply]

My husband and I are still in the (eternal) "starving student phase", so we routinely have "birthday sex" (and "anniversary" and "valentines", etc) as a present :) It's free and fun for both of us :)

taturner said... [reply]

I hate getting practical gifts. Gifts are things that should be impractical. They should be things that you want, not things that you need. Things you need you can go get yourself any day of the week. But things you want- those are the things that are tough to justify buying, but you would still love to have. So a birthday or holiday is the perfect time for those things!

Audra & Levi said... [reply]

Knitted eh? Did you use a pattern? Something like that would add some spice to enrichment... not only are we learning to knit, we are making something a little more interesting than your acerage scarf or booty...

Then maybe husbands would be more supportive about watching the kids while their wives go to enrichment.

chosha said... [reply]

LOL@the RS idea. Certainly that would enrich some people's lives. :)

Happy Birthday to GH! Cool presents.

Kelly said... [reply]

I just realized when you posted this. Is GH's birthday the 10th? Because that's MY birthday! Rock on, Libras.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Yep, GH's birthday is the 10th. Happy late birthday to you!

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