Happy Thanksgibbing back again!

Thanksgiving weekend highlights-to-be:

Experiencing a GH-extended-family-on-father's-side Thanksgiving in Bountiful. This will be the one where GH will not be able to introduce me to any of 167 cousins because he doesn't remember all of their names. (Shhhhhh!)

Wearing my new hooker boots to Thanksgiving dinner, while refraining from engaging in any actual sexual trafficking. During dinner, at least.

[Okay, but back to the boots for a second. Aren't they fabulous? Also they're Dansko which means it's pretty much like walking around on a cloud of fluffly angel breath. Purchased for a killer deal with Christmas money from Gentlemum. Thank you, Gentlemom!!!]

Pumpkin pie. I must ingest at least one whole pumpkin pie, or it's not Thanksgiving.

Heading down to Provo tomorrow for post-Thanksgiving gluttony with my sibs. This is the day where we eat turkey-brie-cranberry sandwiches, whatever leftovers I can squirrel away in plastic bags from GH's Thanksgiving (classy!), and lots and lots and lots of desserts. Will be bringing The Cheeseball and a pumpkin pie made from my very own puree.

Things I'm thankful for this year:

This is actually a pretty long list, and I'll try to condense it a bit. Sorry to make you gag, but you knew #1 was going to have to be . . .

#1 Gentleman Husband. Last week (seriously, don't read this if your eyes can't take the rolling) I had the thought that maybe the last 8 months were actually part of some stress-induced hallucination, and one morning I was going to wake up back in L****, alone, freezing, working at a job that was slowly killing me, and not seeing what was right in front of me. But so far we're good!

#2 My job. Not only was it a complete miracle that I got hired as quickly as I did, but three weeks after I started they announced a hard hiring freeze that affected just about every library within the Salt Lake Valley. I barely made it in there, and if I hadn't it would have been next to impossible to find anything after the freeze. And we would have starved to death wrapped in newspapers.

#3 My brother Dave is coming home from Afghanistan next month, in time for Christmas. This is his second tour of duty (he already went to Iraq for over a year) and he'll likely have one more before he gets out. We love him so much and are so grateful he's been kept safe all this time (pretty sure his sweet wife's even more grateful).

#4 My family. I've never had so many people nearby to share Thanksgiving with before. Back in college it was always just me and whoever else was still around. Which did, though, make some of the best Thanksgivings, like the time Lady Steed and I decided to throw one our own dang selves and were so pleased with how everything turn out. Audra, you came over that year too, right?

#5 My food assignment for today. We have to bring 4 bottles of soda and a bag of ice. Awesome.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


beckyww said... [reply]

Is the pumpkin pie you must consume one from Costco, which I believe you described a year or so ago as "big as a tire wheel?" I think of that every time I see a Costco pie. :-)

I'm grateful for family, too: www.woodworthfamily.blogdrive.com

Lippy said... [reply]

As a Boot fan, it was a few minutes before I got to the rest of your entry. :)

I hope you had a great day with the family. And you can use this comment to remind your brother that there are a lot of us out here who are grateful for his service overseas.

Happy Holidays

Audra and Levi said... [reply]

I do think I went! I hate my dang memories that I lose from time to time and then someone reminds me of it and then I remember!! Therefore I hate that I kind of stopped journaling sometime in college. So thanks for bringing back a memory! And from what I remember it was good :)!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hee! Becky, it totally WAS that pie. I was planning to make one myself, but then as we left Thanksgiving dinner an uncle pressed this unopened Costco pumpkin pie into our hands. Score! It is gone now . . .

Lippy, thank you, I'll pass this along to my brother!

Yeah, Audra, I have a freaky selective memory too. Probably the only reason I remember THAT Thanksgiving so well is because I took pictures.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Ummm...I hate to be picky because I love your blog, but those are not hooker boots. At least not where I come from. Maybe in Utah though. Hooker boots must be knee high and have at least 2 inch stiletto. Check out victoria's secret or the like for some real hooker boots.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Enh, you're probably right about the VS boots being more hooker than mine, but this is as hookerish as I can be without breaking an ankle. ;-)

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