Just a quickie

I didn't go shopping on Black Friday for several reasons:

1. There were leftovers to be eaten at Jenny's house.
2. I hate shopping in crowds and driving in traffic.
3. It was my Stand Against Commercialism, even though Cicada made fun of me for it. Only then she bought items that day which turned out to be no good, so . . . I think we all know what the take-home lesson is there.

And now that Black Friday is over,

4. Did you even hear about how a crowd of shoppers killed a guy??? Yeah. Like I want to be a part of that. Next time I want to be trampled, or trample someone, or witness a trampling, I'll run with the bulls, thanks. Because at least then I get to go to Spain.

So I did a bunch of my Christmas shopping today during a break between jobs. This was much nicer for several reasons.

1. Not as crowded, which led to . . .

2. Not as much mental swearing.

3. Nicer weather--everyone is walking around without jackets, and not in that "I'm a college freshman from Southern California and I will never own a jacket in life ever and I refuse to acknowledge that it is cold here and no those are not my fingers turning black" way. I could kiss Utah on the mouth for how nice the weather has been this fall. I'm sure it's just further evidence of global warming and our impending doom, but right now I say bring it. (Also? Suck it, skiers! Hahahahahahahahahaha)

4. The dollar store. I will tell you more of why it is my favorite in an upcoming post.

5. Only one failed stop--Michael's craft store is on my crap list for not having the yarn I need.

6. I looked really good in my skirt and hooker-but-not-hookerish-enough-boots and all the cashiers complimented my outfit. Which was a very soothing balm unto me, since by the time I got home I was limping--turns out these boots are not quite ready for 7 hours straight of standing/walking. Excuse me while I go wrap my feet in pillows and plastic wrap.

I'm hoping to make this Christmas a simple, lovely one. So this year I'm not sending cards and I'm not doing gifts for friends/neighbors etc. (I know! Shocking!) I figure most of my friends have probably gotten a lot of mail from me anyway this year. I may move the Christmas card thing to every other year, or send Valentine's cards instead, or something like that. And as for my friends, this is the heads-up for when you don't get a present from me. We're still friends! And now you're released from any gift-giving obligation to me, unless you just can't be happy unless you're giving me things. I would by no means suspend any pleasure of yours.


Jenny said... [reply]

So you aren't going to buy your friends/neighbors things that will make them fat or things they don't want that will junk up their houses? Where is the True Meaning of Christmas? No Newsletter That Makes People Want to do Voodoo on Your Likeness? I am so offended. It isn't Christmas without frantically mailing junk to people you never talk to you or making your neighbors crap with vinyl all over.

cooldad said... [reply]

Wow...I sired not one, but two sourpuss scrooges.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hey Dad, you're still on the present list.

For now.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

You did not say "suck it skiers." Okay, you did, but I still sort of like you. It was WAL-MART shoppers who killed a guy, so there is a take home lesson there too.

Nemesis said... [reply]

OH! And I forgot! I got to see a lady get handcuffed and arrested in front of Target today! Except I don't know anything beyond that because I didn't want to look like a rubbernecker. Except the police had blocked her car into its parking space and she was dressed very professionally but her shoes (nice heeled ankle boots) were on the ground. Crazy.

Rachie said... [reply]

I'm looking at this warm autumn as payment for the butt-cold spring that would. Not. END!

It could never snow again and I would be supremely happy.

abby said... [reply]

I beckon the warmness to come back East. I don't like this cold December weather.

april said... [reply]

mental swearing, ha!! thanks for labeling that for me.

coolmom said... [reply]

No Friday shopping here, we spent the day decorating the house for the holidays. Oh wait, that would be for the CHRISTMAS holiday. Just want to be clear about that! And I will be sending out cards and letters as I am not so blessed to be surrounded by all my friends and family. And it keeps the post office in business so I'm contributing to the job security of others.

BEFore said... [reply]

I did a bit of Black Friday shopping... from the safety of my computer. <3 internet shopping!

Anonymous said... [reply]

i'm just a blog hopper, and very much enjoy this one. i hope you'll excuse a comment.

i also really dislike being cold. however, having now moved to a non-snowy place, i have discovered the preciousness of cold winters that kill cockroaches.

Cicada said... [reply]

Excuse me? The only thing not-good about the one item that I purchased on Black Friday was the assembly instructions. Once we figured it out, our new fake tree has blessed our home with Christmas warmth. Ahhhhhh. Also, we went waaaaaay later in the day and there were no lines or tramplings.

Audra and Levi said... [reply]

I once was walking out of a Toys R' Us and suddenly heard "Put your hands on the wheel! Put your hands on the wheel! Don't move!!!" coming from the car I was walking past. I turned to see a scruffy man in a flannel shirt pointing a gun a foot from some guys head! I did not know what to do... run, or freeze! I thought I was witnessing an armed robbery and he might want to kill the witnesses! Then he screamed for someone with a cell to call 911 and tell them officer "some #" needed backup! I unfroze and drug my ill stomach and throbbing heart to the car. By the time I was out of the parking lot there were 5 cop cars speeding into the parking lot. I always wondered what that was all about...

See... you make me think of weird memories. And I would have been a rubbernecker. But I also like to watch Cops, so that shows the kind of person I am.

I TOTALLY love Black Friday! My husband is more nuts about it than me! He left at midnight to sleep in the car in a Sports Authority parking lot because he had to drive an hour and a half from the mountains to get there. He has taught me the love of a good deal! My mom came and watched my kids so I could go at 3am to the local Wal-mart that is open 24 hours. It is rural and although everyone was "aggresively shopping" everyone was nice about it! I got some great deals... including a Kitchen Aide mixer I have been coveting forever... Happy Early Birthday for me! But you have to realize I have 7 kids to buy for, so I needed the $5 Barbies and the $10 Sip and Pee Babydolls that my daughter has been begging for! I also bought a cart full (not kidding) of $8 winter coats. My kids are set!

Wow! This was a long comment. Sorry! Anyway, don't diss the black Friday, you may need it some day!

chosha said... [reply]

What is this Black Friday you speak of? I assume it's Christmas shopping madness from your description.

I'm all for keeping it simple, but no cards the first Christmas you get to send the card from 'The Nemeses'? I'm shocked. I thought the delightfulness of that would have been too hard to resist. :)

I'm definitely sending cards this year, but that's because I didn't do so the last two Christmases, so it's definitely due.

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