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Happy Christmas Eve Eve to everybody! When I was a kid today was the hardest day because you were just so dang close to the candy and presents and yet it still wasn't an official sort of day.

Am well into my Christmas preparations and activities, as evidenced by the following:

Finished decorating tree, which was an exercise in blending of family traditions. I insisted on white lights, which are the only true lights. The compromise we made was that if the lights couldn't be colored (racist) then they would at least sparkle. So we found a pack of white lights with 16 different sparkle settings. Twelve of these are seizure-inducing. I also let GH get the tree topper that he wanted. The box says it's a Moravian star but I'm pretty sure it's actually an alien satellite. It's growing on me though, probably because of the soothing messages it transmits from the mother ship while I sleep.

Successfully staving off a cold through sheer force of WILL.

Digging out the flute so I can play a few songs on Christmas Eve for Savvy and Ethan (stated purpose). Real purpose: so we can have a Very Special Christmas Meltdown when I won't let the kids have a turn spitting into the thing and smacking it into walls.

Purchased duct tape to hold my broken camera together so that I may take photographs of me and others looking bleary-eyed and snarly-haired. Unwrapped duct tape to learn that freshly unwrapped duct tape smells remarkably like rotting skunk. Spent the next 3 minutes dry-heaving.

Driving white-knuckled through snow in an effort to visit friends and family. My favorite.

Trying to work out enough time over the holidays for both families and possibly some for self without disappointing anyone. To see how this is going, watch the final bit of Braveheart where he's stretched out on that rack being yanked in 4 directions as people carve out his intestines and whisper things in his ear.


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

You must REALLY be in love if that tree-topper is growing on you. That's a good thing.

Jeff said... [reply]

That star looks like the crystal-like spaceship that superman comes to earth in. Nice. ....I just realized that was my first contribution to your blog....I'm glad I could add such depth. Ü Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

Natalie said... [reply]

I love your tree - it looks so festive. Also, the present wrapped in the Bed, Bath and Beyond bag - it would fit right in over here!

Have a great Christmas Eve Eve, and the days that follow!

april said... [reply]

i think i would have chosen colored lights over that tree topper. but glad it's growing on you - just be sure it's not brainwashing you.

(i gave up my white lights this year in honor of my kiddos who wanted colored ones. who knew i was raising a bunch of racists?)

jeri said... [reply]

We solved the 'not enough time between families' thing by having my parents be in Hawaii for Christmas. They'll be sipping fancy drinks and getting tanner while we do the white-knuckled thing.

Also I kind of put my foot down last year and said "My kids will be at THEIR OWN house for Christmas - you're welcome to join us if you want".

Audra and Levi said... [reply]

Oooo... you watched Braveheart... I'm teeellliiinnng! HAHAHA!

And Jeri... TOTALLY agree. Santa goes to no ones house but my own! And I think Christmas travel, airplane or long-drive wise, is cruel and unusual punishment for chilren!

I love the star! But I am totally into weird lookin colory stuff on trees. Our star is a little stuffed porcupine (from "Little Porcupines Christmas" which I have to read over and over and over to my 2 two-year olds and thought since my tree looks silly with a star would be a cute substitute). The problem is, one two-year old wont let me put it on the tree without having a total meltdown because apparently in her little brain it is cruel to put a cute little stuffed porcupine on the tree when she would rather carry it around the house for an hour, lose it, and we do not see the porcupine for a week until we find it, put it on the tree, and start the whole cycle over again!

Sorry, off the subject!


Nells-Bells said... [reply]

i love your star. i truly do. we haven't been able to find one we like. we are hoping the after christmas sales will help in that venture. hope you had a great christmas!

chosha said... [reply]

That treetop star is goin' nova. :) But you deserve it for withholding on coloured lights, which rock.

Love the new blog design, by the way. Very cool and pretty.

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