Because you gotta have a goal

Here they are, my NOTresolutions for this year.

I will NOT create an exercise plan.
Every year I say I will and then I don't and so just forget about it.

I will NOT neglect my blog. I promise.

Even though I will rock it as is my nature to do, I will NOT let myself care too much about my job. That eight-month eye twitch did teach me something.

I will NOT Let People Get to Me. I get way too defensive and dwell-y when people are critical of me. I need to just tell myself that they're rambling idiots and then move onto something else. Like brie. Or Clive Owen. Or both.

I will NOT assume the worst about people. Unless they're texting during church. Or leaving their toddlers alone in the library. Or bringing howler monkeys to grown-up concerts. Or wearing yeti shoes to the temple. Because then it is ON.

I will NOT turn into an actual Smug Married. I will not dismiss my friends' concerns. I will not set them up with freakshows whose only qualification is that they are also single. I will not tell them that they're just being picky and that they'd be happier if they'd just get married (like it's the same thing as getting your oil changed or waxing your eyebrows).

I will NOT shave my legs regularly. This wasn't going to happen anyway, but I like that by stating it aloud I'm making my list longer.

What were some of yours? Best wishes to all of us!


Roxie said... [reply]

I like those goals.

I think I will also join you in not assuming the worst unless they are texting in church.

I will not eat chocolate to the point of making me sick, but I can't promise I won't eat it to the point right before that point.

And I will not go out with guys just to be nice, nor will I accept setups with freakshows from my married friends.

Jenny said... [reply]

I will not continue to be the stranger that lurks on your post (among others). I will comment and tell you that I enjoy reading your ramblings. I will also not choose to feel wierd for doing it.

EmAndTrev said... [reply]

I like your list as well. I still need to gather my thoughts on my "not" list. I do like the idea of not getting frustrated by trivial things, unless it involves watching someone text in church, or...anything to do with bad driving. Ha!

Happy New Year!

goddessdivine said... [reply]

I think texting in church gives license for others to think the worst. I mean, hello! Pet peeve of mine.....

(That and the lousy attire I see being worn to the temple. Seriously people, is this your Sunday best?!)

Cicada said... [reply]

I've actually been meaning to ask you how your leg-shaving habits have changed now that you're married. Thanks for saving me the trouble of an email by publishing it for the world to see!

GH does like puppies and other furry animals, doesn't he?

Spitfire said... [reply]

I am NOT going to let school drag me down and turn me into a beast who has no balance and does nothing fun. At least, not as bad as it did last semester. Baby steps.

I will NOT let as many swear words slip out--usually when I get hurt or am intensely frustrated/scared.

coolmom said... [reply]

Speaking of swear words, have GH recovered from the one I let slip at Christmas? I was hurt, you know. Badly.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I did some will nots of my own. It would be funny (or not) if you one day birthed a howler monkey who wanted to text during church. I have an 18 month old howler monkey who thinks that my iPod is pretty much his. If he doesn't shape up, he might get left alone in a library somewhere. His tee shirt will say, "Free to a Good Home" or "Watch Out I Bite."

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

PS How does GH feel about Clive Owen? Or, more importantly, brie?

Anonymous said... [reply]

More importantly, how does GH feel about wives with Chewbacca legs?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Roxie, I like your chocolate goal.

Jenny, I'll always be happy to hear from you! But I don't want you to feel that you HAVE to comment even if you don't feel like it. Because that's no fun. And we're all about the fun here.

EmandTrev, yeah, the driving. I couldn't even trust myself to touch that one.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Goddessdivine, I know. I mean, it used to be that people were maybe following along with the speakers and looking up scriptures on their Palm Pilots or whatever, but now? It's pretty much all games. Or texts.

Cicada, I'm glad I could save you the typing, except I'll feel bad if that would have been the moment of exertion that could have put you in labor. As far as I know, I'm the only furry animal that GH likes.

Spitfire, I support you in both your resolutions. I remember how awful it feels to be the no-balance beast.

Mom, he still has nightmares about that, and wakes up shaking and crying.

STM, he tolerates brie and understands my thing for British men. This is the guy who used to clip out articles about Ioan Gruffudd for me when they came up in his Entertainment Weekly. Which is why I married him.

Anon, I don't actually know. I'm going to choose not to ask. :-)

Kari A. (like an AA entry) said... [reply]

Love the new look of the blog! And love the witty entries. You are a force. I know you don't know me, but we know people who know us both, so it's like I know you. Kinda. Sorta. Just an ardent fan who wanted you to know that you deserve ardent fans.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I will NOT fail out of my new major. Turns out having 3 kids doesn't make it easy to be pre-dental. Hopefully it helps me with education since "driving the bus to crazy" isn't an official college major.

I don't know you, either, but I am addicted to your blog. Please, if you keep no other resolutions, don't neglect the blog AND don't shave your legs.

--A fellow un-smug married

Anonymous said... [reply]

sorry, this is the freaky midget's wife. Oops!

He's addicted, too.

Lesley-Ann said... [reply]

You always make me laugh Steph.

Ok so here goes ~

Not eat so much chocolate which would be so much easier if I lived in the states!

Walk the dogs more often! Oh and wrestle with Beth more regularly, it's a good workout and she tells how strong I am :)

Oh and finally not to get wound up by by husband and daughter who act more like sibblings!

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