Happy New Year!

I had a most lovely New Year's Day. Of course, any January 1st that does not involve me dyeing a pink skunk stripe into my own stupid hair (yeah, 1996, I'm looking at you) goes down in my books as a good one.

So instead of shaving my head or some other equally good idea, I did the following: Slept in, saw Benjamin Button, ate massive amounts of shrimp cocktail (mmmmm, shrimp) and took a nap. Then cooked baked potatoes and peas for dinner as a way of getting my body accustomed to real, honest, non-treacherous food again.

Also I wept and snuffled during that Benjamin Button movie more than any sober person should do. Do not ask me why, it's probably radon poisoning. Also stared in stunned silence at the trailer for Revolutionary Road, which is probably not something you want to show newlyweds who are still optimistic about life and do not yet realize that all their dreams are About To Die in Horrible Ways, Which Will Infect Their Lives with Resentment. Whispered to GH: "Um, let's maybe not see that, okay?" GH: "Sure thing." Maybe later.

The Anti-Resolutions are coming, but it seems that the hip thing this year is to offer some sort of Year in Review. The funny thing here is that much of 2007 sucked bricks for me personally but provided some great blog fodder. This paradoxically made it a good year to be a Voice of Reason reader. But then 2008 was a much, much better year for me and as a result the blog suffered. In pointing this out I am in no way inviting you to start praying for (or arranging) awfulness to come to me. Please don't. I promise I'll step it up without you having to do that. Ok? Ok.

So. 2008.

My boss quit in the fall of 2007, leaving me to run a library through the spring of 2008. Cue the Eye Twitch and the insanity.

Spent a lot of time stuck in my driveway (the Gallant Friend was GF/GH, btw. Before he became GF. If that makes any sense.)

Went to Hawaii for much-needed break.

Made a new dating life plan to avoid anxiety, misery, and wasted time at crappy singles events, which became moot about 5 minutes later. I still think it kicks trash as a plan, though, especially with this follow-up brain wave.

Got myself a Gentleman Friend.

Left my old library in good hands.

Got myself a Gentleman Fie-ance.

Ranted against a Portuguese speaker, which really tickled some people and really, really irritated some other (humorless) people.

Savvy's Special Day arrived.

Went on honeymoon, got lots of phone calls.

Got new job, but then had to attend orientation.

Wrote a potentially touchy election day post. Thought no one would touch it, and instead was blown away by the discussion that resulted.

Selected for the NieNie book.

And then it was Christmas and then New Year's, yay! Thanks for being here with me this year. Your comments, encouragement, and snark are what keep this thing fun.


alishka babushka said... [reply]

a great year you had, it's true. Also! I went and saw Benjamin Button and loved it. Glad you did too. Happy New Year!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

A year-ed movie review I recently read basically said that the first ten months of movie season was about blowing things up, horny teenagers and Pixar. The last two months is filled with dramas about prostitution, pedophilia and the Holocaust or something else equally cheerful starring Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet. About RR, specifically, the critic was ambivalent saying, "It is a mistake to equate high drama and despair with high art." (Tit-anic this is not.) He also couldn't help but point out that maybe the 1950's weren't all THAT bad.

PS I like your "more sex in 2009" resolution. Now THAT is one I miht have some kind of chance in h*** of achieving.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Anti-resolution: I will NOT post blog comment as poorly edited as the last. Just get out your Urim and Thummim to work your way past the spelling, grammar and typo issues.

Nells-Bells said... [reply]

2008 was a great year. not only for GH but because you are now part of our family! yeah!

chosha said... [reply]

Nice to revisit some fun posts. Happy New Year!

Hey what is the book 'you' are holding in the blog's title bar? I tried squinting, but still can't make it out.

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