It's genetic

I don't know if it was the living in the tundras that started this, but in my family there seems to be some sort of biological trigger that kicks in around January-February. This trigger basically says, "If you don't get out of here and go get warm, you will climb on top of a building somewhere with an assault rifle. Believe me. I will make it happen."

So, to avoid jail time, we go get warm if at all possible. (If not, we chain ourselves to the walls in the manner of werewolves and ride this thing out.) Coolmom and Cooldad are on their way to Florida, Jenny & Co are heading to (shhhh!) Disneyland, and I am going to Las Vegas. This leaves Spitfire and Coolboy freezing in UT. I'd watch out for them if I were you.

I leave in exactly 90 minutes and I can't wait.

The real purpose of the trip (other than to curb my homocidal tendencies and get my hands and feet warm for the first time in 4 months) is to see Cirque de Soleil's LOVE show at the Mirage.

Other highlights set to include:

Car trip with car trip food (peanut m&ms, Pringles, trail mix, and any other dang thing I want) and hilarious audiobooks. Right now I have She Got Up Off the Couch by Haven Kimmel, Jon Stewart's America, and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. Will likely also be listening to a lot of podcasts to do with J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon. Because not only is my husband a Gentleman, he is also a Geek.

Burgers from either In-N-Out or Fatburger (sorry, Word of Wisdom, this is one of those times)

Some sort of fabulous buffet, I haven't decided which one yet. Am trying to find elastic pants (or one of my sister's maternity tops) for that part of the evening. Because I won't stop til I get enough (also, again, apologies to the Word of Wisdom).

Wonderful free things like fountains and gardens and volcanoes and baby snow leopards.

H&M, baby!

Sunny weather in the upper 60s, I honor you.

Grandmas handing me porn. It's been awhile and I've missed it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Desmama said... [reply]

H&M! Lucky. Have a great time. I'm not sure next weekend will measure up, but we'll certainly try.

pintosbeans said... [reply]

H&M! I soooo don't even know you. But knowing that you wrote the words "H&M Baby" means that I'm pretty sure, through the power of the holy ghost, that we were best friends and/or identical twins in the pre-existence.

P.S. I'm not crazy. I'm satirical. I am also lurking. I will now lurk away... ::lurk, lurk lurk::

emandtrev said... [reply]

Ditto Desmama's comments. Have a great time!

Carly said... [reply]

So jealous. So so jealous.

Except for the H&M part... I spent way too much money there last night, but in my defense it is my birthday next week.

I will be spending my weekend manually deleting 6,000 duplicate files from my iTunes, because apparently I don't know how to use a Mac. Fun times!

Kimberly said... [reply]

Go to The Buffet at the Bellagio. Go on a Sunday and seal your doom.

marlamuppets said... [reply]

you have some really classic lines here. love the napolean dynamite reference (or maybe that was just me reading into it too much - eat any other dang thing i want) and so jealous of IN and OUT burger. stuff yourself my internet friend, stuff yourself! have a great time!

Catherine said... [reply]

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim is the best road-trip audiobook ever. Except that, when I listened to it on the 7 hour trip from Nashville, I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard. Good choice!

Chelsie said... [reply]

I've been meaning to mention- I found your blog via a little digging via an email my husband got from GH about his geek-blog.

So, I know your husband. I am Trevor's wife. I'm not sure if you know about us or whatever, but...

The last time I went to Vegas was with your husband and I can vouch for your claim that your trip will contain much Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams. In fact, we actually watched a Firefly episode while on the road. After our trip I was on geek overload for like 6 months. And I'm fairly geeky in my own right.

When those two get together you can see the geek-ness like a thick vapor. A sometimes charming, sometimes suffocating, thick vapor.

I'm certain that with the scales more balanced you are in for a delightful weekend. I imagine it somewhat like coming up for air after being at the bottom of the ocean.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

Hopefully it will be warmer for you than it was for me last weekend. I think you should drive down the strip on Sunday with 'The Spirit of God' playing in your car. I did that (ok, it was total happen-stance) and I found it kinda amusing.

Stay away from the porn.

Have a great time!

Musings of the Mrs. said... [reply]

You just stay away from those slot machines...otherwise you will NOT pass the Mormon test again. And this time, it could be for real.

Have a great weekend. I am jealous in pretty much every way.

April said... [reply]

Have fun and enjoy yourself! I'm going with Rachel (My Mom Says I'm Cool) in June! Woot!

CoolBoy said... [reply]

There's an H&M in Vegas? No way!

Also, My body has figured out that I'm we aren't going anywhere this month and has thereby compensated this week by getting sick. Ungrateful...

Audra said... [reply]

I want to see the Love show! Love love love Beatles... jealous! Levi and I were cheap when we went to vegas early in our marriage and went to a stupid horse dinner show at Excaliber... wasted money.

Cafe Johnsonia said... [reply]

And go to Trader Joe's--PLEASE. Then tell me about it. Please?

Jenny said... [reply]

Dude. Your audiobooks rock. Ours are obviously for a different audience. The Wizard of Oz presented by the LA Children's museum, Holes, and then some other children's book.

Nadia and Jeremy said... [reply]

i was going to second the bellagio...a friend of mine went their recently and got to see all the ents. are the ents always there or is this special? i don't know, but the pictures alone make me want to drive there and see them in person.

Roxie said... [reply]

And here I was thinking it would be nice to go somewhere that actually got snow for the winter. What could I possibly have been thinking!

Kristeee said... [reply]

I didn't even know there's an H&M in Vegas. Must make it down there sometime. And I've always wanted to see a Cirque de Soleil show. It's on my wishlist. Have a great time!

Jill said... [reply]

Hope you have/had fun!

Anonymous said... [reply]

You have GOT to do the buffet at the Wynn hotel. Pricey, but way worth it just for the amazing desserts alone! The crab legs are pretty fantastic too. Oh great... now I'm hungry.

april said... [reply]

pretty jealous about the whole cirque de soleil thing. really, how does salt lake not have a H&M yet?

Lola said... [reply]

NO! I want to see that Cirque de Soleil, the Beatles rock. AAAAND I hate the cold. My body is saying to me, "as soon as you are old enough to move out. We ARE moving to California." But I really want to live in N.Y.C. Go figure.

Jinxie said... [reply]

I wish I'd researched food and buffets before my last 24 hour trip to Vegas (gosh, 4 years ago now). The friend I traveled with got a work discount at a place we went to for dinner on the first night, but all I remember of food the next day was being thwarted by a high priced restaurant and deciding, at some random food court, that I don't like prosciutto. For all I remember, that was the only meal we ate that day.

Still, this post reminds me that I have some travel credit to use before June. I should get on that.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said... [reply]

Hey. I'm Sara. I got your blog from a friend of mine. I hope you are enjoying your trip to Vegas. I live here! The LOVE show is amazing. If you have any questions about Vegas, let me know.
Oh yea...FatBurger is better than In-And-Out. =)

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