This is the part where I make everyone gag over the embarrassment of riches that was my weekend. If you choose to proceed, keep in mind what my dental hygienist tells me to ward off the dreaded symptoms: Keep your eyes open, breathe deeply through your nose, and raise your right leg by three inches. (I have had better luck with the dental hygienists in the past couple of years--nothing like that one femmebot who tried to drown me and ruin my new skirt.)

The last four days have been lovely. Got home from work Friday night to discover that GH had cleaned the entire death trap apartment (counters included). Which, really, how can that even be topped? Because clean counters + mopped floors = BEST EVER.

The rest of the weekend was lazy and carefree and I even got to do a puzzle! I dearly love me a puzzle, because I am supahcool in that way. GH is not a puzzle fan, so he was excited to find something with the Beatles on it instead of "some lame nature scene." (Yeah. Sometimes I do have to drag my graveyard-shifting, non-nature-loving husband outside at random times during the weekends just so that he can experience sunlight, which I think he probably feels is overrated. There is sunlight on TV, after all.)

We had the thing done in about 24 hours. I think GH thought it would take a bit longer than that. He did not yet know that I go through my puzzles like I go through my books, desserts, and men: in one sitting.

Also there were Godiva chocolates and Porn for Women coupons and every good thing. I got him a small speakers set for his iPod so that he can even listen to it while in the shower and therefore have a complete and happy life not marred by silence. And I made him a marvelous dinner: cream of pumpkin soup, roasted broccoli, and blackberry cobbler with ice cream. The main course was a pepperoni & olive pizza from Pizza Hut, which I'm pretty sure is what GH would request if he were on death row and ordering his last meal. The part where he will sacrifice pizza room in his stomach for things like broccoli and soup and nutrients, however, makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Only then it got even better. (And hey, if you're still with me at this point you might as well keep reading because this part is awesome.) It was our 6-month wedding anniversary yesterday and when I got up I found 1 dozen red roses on the kitchen table. AND, it turns out that he got them on sale during the post-Valentine's Day clearance. The idea of such savings turns me on like nothing else.

Thank you for allowing me to nauseate you. I will return to our regularly-scheduled snarkiness tomorrow, if I'm done crooning and sighing by then.


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Bargain shopping and housework are truly the biggest turn-ons ever. I bet GH was gettin' some love this weekend. ;)

Jill said... [reply]

Sounds like a fun weekend!!!! No gagging here :)

cooldad said... [reply]

Gag me with s steak bone. Where was the beef in your super meal? GH's patince in this area is sure to wear thin over time.

Giggles said... [reply]


I didn't get flowers this weekend because I pointed out that they practically double in price the week of Valentine's Day. It's better to get them when they are back to a normal price.

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, it's true. They definitely are. And I cannot comment on that second assertion. ;-)

Thanks, Jill! It was really so nice and was absolutely a good antidote for the "we're using up all our thoughtfulness energy just by not being jerks to each other" syndrome.

Dad, he didn't ask for steak. Also, I've never made one before so it would have probably turned out tasting like a tire. My baby wants Pizza Hut, my baby gets it . . . but only on Valentine's Days or birthdays.

Giggles: I know, right? Or when they're dirt cheap right after VD. I heard of someone who gets potted flowers every year so now she has all these great plants in her house, which I think sounds cool too.

chosha said... [reply]

Way to wallow. :) Happy half a year!

Anonymous said... [reply]

so does the title of this post stand for The Smuggest Marrieds In The World? ;)

Roxie said... [reply]

I like that potted plants idea. I didn't get them from someone else, but I did get a bunch of potted plants on Valentine's Day. I bought herb plants for myself. I figure maybe if I use fresh herbs my cooking will taste better.

daltongirl said... [reply]

For a second I thought you were blogging about my husband. And then I realized you probably don't have a 3 key on your computer. Next time, to avoid confusion, try III.

Love the clearance roses. I got bulbs.

TSMITW: They were way cheaper than the cut flowers, and they'll last. Plus, they were just so pretty, I had to buy them.

Me: If that were true, if you were just so stunned by the flowers that you couldn't resist, you'd probably be bringing home flowers more than once a year. Especially during springtime, when there is a greater variety. Or times when I stop and gaze at the peach-colored roses in Costco and sigh over their beauty.

TSMITW: You're looking a gift horse in the mouth right now. You know that, don't you?

Me: Right. Thanks. Really. I love them.

And I do.

Cafe Johnsonia said... [reply]

Aw...newlyweds are so cute. I'm not gagging. I'm remembering when my husband bought me one of my favorite cookbooks for our first married V-Day. )That topped the fact that he left out the cheese knife and mated his dirty socks before putting them in the laundry basket. I just had to add it in one more time...)

Nawana said... [reply]

I've noticed several comments about your dislike of dental related visits/people. Now I realize that getting your teeth cleaned isn't quite like getting a pedicure, but as a dental hygiene student, any tips to make my patients hate me less?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Chosha, thank you!

Anon, it totally could have. And probably should have, since as you see below Daltongirl did not take kindly to me referencing HER husband with said acronym. Mine should actually be called TSMITW3. (TSMITW2 is Cicada's Murray.)

Roxie, the herb idea is really good, I think. My black, shriveled thumb causes problems there but I have dreams of owning a thriving potted herb garden in the manner of Jamie Oliver (and now you).

Daltongirl, yeah. He was pushing it there.

Cafe Johnsonia, I can't wait to meet you in person at cooking group to swap knife-leaving-out stories.

Nawana, this is SUCH a good idea for a blog post, thank you! Expect it soon. And to be fair, the last several dental people I've worked with have been lovely. They didn't make having painful objects jabbed in my mouth FUN, but they did make it better.

pinky said... [reply]

aw!!! sounds like such a fun weekend! really!! i don't know about the puzzle though :) i'm not a huuuge puzzle fan. but more power to you!!

and i decided that roses on valentines day are the best. fiance decided to invest in some and i love him even more for it!!

is it alright if i link your blog to mine?!?!

my blog is


anyways let me know!!!


megs aka pinky

Nawana said... [reply]

Please do!! I will gladly send my classmates to Nemesis for that post!

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