And get off my porch while you're at it

About 18 months ago I got knitting again, which you might remember from the time I posted the angora baby booties that are as precious as baby birds and cute enough to eat. (Desmama's words, not mine. I never compliment myself.)

I revisited the knitting for several reasons:

1. I decided that it might be nice to see what my fingers looked like with fingernails attached to them.

2. Pictures of knitted baby clothing and accessories are the devil and will suck you in and take away your power to resist and you will just have to make them whether or not you even know any babies.

3. There were still people out there who did not mistake me for a crotchety old woman. Had to remedy that.

So here are the things I've done in the last little bit. I shall show them to you now so that you may admire with me. It's what I do to everyone who enters my home, so why should you be let off the hook just because you are out of my physical clutches?

These are the socks I knitted for my brother as a Christmas present. And one of these days I will put them in the mail. I hope this glimpse helps you hang in there, brother!

These fingerless gloves were actually Spitfire's birthday present last year, but I just barely got around to taking their picture. This year she asked for a ski cap to wear under her helmet while snowboarding. I imagine I will get that to her sometime in July or so. You know, when it will do the most good.

Made this little bunny hat for GH's baby niece--it was a late Christmas present. And since GH's baby niece is almost as cute as my own, I need to include her picture too, wearing the still-too-big hat.

Yeah, she's a cutie, non? That's one of the weapons GH used to bring me around--showing off his niece and nephew so that I would fully comprehend his worth as a potential breeding partner.

Also made one for Cicada's baby Gulliver. Cicada's obstetrician terrified me after measuring Gulliver's still-in-utero head and pronouncing it to be roughly the size of Cinderella's pumpkin-turned-coach. So I decided to be on the safe side.

He should fit into it when he's about 4 years old. Also, isn't Cicada pretty? Why yes, yes she is.

Soon to be featured: Savvy's legwarmers.

Soon to be knitted: Spitfire's boring black ski cap (she won't let me use colors) and a beyond-beautiful (but still manly) wrap cardigan for Jenny's baby boy.

And best of all, my fingernails look great.


Spitfire said... [reply]

Can we see a picture for those fingernails?

april said... [reply]

great fingernails and great stuff!!! well done. at least you won't be knitting the black cap in the dead of winter.

Audra said... [reply]

Posts like this when you mention knitting and knitting for babies makes me get all-anxious to get to the end where you will then pronounce, "And I am knitting because I have to make the booties and hat for my own future spawn"... yet, alas... another dissapointed me... and now you can blog about people like me who constantly ask and assume. Because ues, I am one of "those"! But as you saw in a previous comment, I give out $1 store pregnancy tests to friends so they are obligated to tell me right away if they are pregnant or not... and I have an "in" to ask: "So, how did that test turn out for ya? Did it work?!" so... I am not pushing for Lil' Nims... I just like to know because I am a bitty ol' gossip like that! And when I read posts that start about knitting, or hormones, or anything that like... just know that Audra is out there assuming away... haha!

EdgyK said... [reply]

First I loved the socks but then I was IN love with the baby cap. Soooooo sweet! I do all kinds of sewing but I don't knit or crochet. Those who do tell me it's easy but I still don't believe them and I know that's nothing more than a mental block.

Jillian said... [reply]

Those hats are adorable! And your nails, too :)

Desmama said... [reply]

I am continually amazed at your knitting prowess. Someday, I so want to learn.

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

Too cute! I have not knitted for years, and I admit I have never turned a heel or made a cable, but I have knitted a lot of sweaters, mostly for my kids. You've inspired me to start again!

Jenny said... [reply]

Yes. The nails, they are nice. Very nice. Your knitting? Fabulous. Maybe you ought to start your own cutesy little etsy.

coolmom said... [reply]

Very nice, maybe you should just take over as Grandma!!!

Roxie said... [reply]

I had to get back to knitting half way through last semester so I didn't kill anyone. It's an amazing stress reliever.

And that hat is absolutely adorable! Where did you get the pattern?

I need to start knitting things for babies that aren't born yet. They keep out growing what I knit before I finish it. Or I could just knit faster.

heidikins said... [reply]

I tried knitting this year...and I look like a contortionist monkey. I got all excited to learn how to do ribbing on a scarf...i aspire to knit adorable-enough-to-eat bunny hats. ;o)


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I'm missing something about the fingernails? How does knitting help? No more biting?

And I almost want to get pregnant again so I can bug you about making my (inevitable) 4th son one of those hats. Almost.

emandtrev said... [reply]

I am so completely impressed. I too would love to learn someday.

daltongirl said... [reply]

Daltonboy dragged me out of bed at the crack of dawn today because he found a yard sale advertising yarn. So of course I jumped up and ran out the door (first I got dressed). We got to the ys and I saw no yarn. None. Surely someone hadn't beaten me to it. It was only 8:10. So I asked the proprietor. She looked at me all excited like, "Do I have yarn, or do I have yarn?!" And then she led me over to a tiny box half filled with fabric and old lace, and the bottom half filled with about ten skeins of hideous bargain acrylic yarn. Grr. Then she told me my hat (knit lace) was cute, and made crocheting motions when she told me she used to make stuff like that. Right. I bet you did. Except not, because this is knit, and it's 100% merino wool. Also, it's adorable.

Then she told me she wanted $1 each for the "good stuff." I almost laughed, and then I almost spit on her yarn and said, "You have no good stuff. I don't allow acrylic to touch my needles." But I didn't. I was nice and pretended not to be a snob. And she was disappointed when I didn't try to bargain with her for all her stupid crap yarn.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

Where was all this knitting when we were roommates? Although, come to think of it, I remember finding some yarn and what I think was the start of some item when I cleaned out the closet.......

Love the fingerless gloves. I totally want me a pair.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I learned how to crochet once, but have since forgotten due to not doing it for seriously nearly 8 years now. I gave up after the very first afghan I made ended up being ridiculously lopsided and lame. However, I think it'd be good to pick up again because the woman who taught me made a different afghan once a month so that when an unexpected wedding, birthday or baby shower came up... she already had a gift. She seriously has a closet of these things and gives them to EVERYONE. I think that'd be neat to do because I already get sighed at when I walk into a room... why not also when I bring gifts?

coolmom said... [reply]

Daltongirl, great story. Your stories are always so good.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Spitfire, I would but my pinky nail just suffered a stress-related mishap. Sorry!

Thanks, April!

Audra, sorry to disappoint you. Except now I sort of want to start every post in a way that gets your antennae up . . . is that bad?

EdgyK, I am MUCH more intimidated by sewing machines and sewing than I am by knitting. I think it's because with knitting you can just pull it apart and start over if needed. There is no cutting of expensive fabrics and dealing with machinery!

Jillian, thank you!

Desmama, name the time and we'll have us a night.

Mrs. Clark, I have not built up to sweaters yet. For me each new project is fun because it turns out to be way beyond my abilities and I have to learn new things. Like turning a heel, which, do not even get me started on how befuddled I was by that. It's a good thing I didn't know about that part until I was nearly halfway through and couldn't quit. But it wasn't bad! My blessings to YouTube . . .

Jenny, I think an Etsy store would be a lot of fun--the only problem is that I still knit so stinking slowly. So I can imagine my shop with, like, 4 things in it.

Mom, I don't think so. Then I'd have to start buying princess bikes on the fly.

And Roxie, yes, that's how it is for me too. The pattern for the hat comes from Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson and it's called Bunny Tail. You can also modify it into a bear hat with little bear ears, just before you die from the cuteness.

Heidikins, go you! I'm pretty sure the contortionist monkey thing is normal--perhaps even desired. I know I hold my left needle in a wrong, wonky, possibly dangerous way. Need to work on that.

STM, yeah, it's a biting/picking thing with the fingernails. So far so good, now that they have something else to be doing. And just know that I am here for you when the time comes. :-)

Emandtrev, come over when we do Desmama's lesson!

Daltongirl, I already emailed you about this but let me say again how sorry I am.

Goddessdivine, I think what you may have found was my ill-conceived attempt at leper bandages as a result of a visit to the Church Humanitarian Aid Center or whatever. Except then I realized that it would take me about 14 years to make one bandage. Also I wasn't really knitting at that point, so I wasn't making very good progress before I quit.

Z's wife, that lady sounds like a rockstar. I fully support you if you want to take up crocheting. Even if it's just baby blankets, I bet you that's still the coolest gift that baby will get. Unless their grandma crochets or something, I suppose . . .

susette said... [reply]

I'm coming over from Mormon Mommy Blogs, asking for your help. I am in the running for a round trip airfare paid ticket to Connecticut, to meet a friend I became acquainted with through blogging. She is a super fun person and is holding this contest. I entered a funny story titled "Grapejuice Floaties, Now Marry Me." The person whose story receives the most votes will win a trip to meet this generous lady, whom I'm hoping to meet. The voting ends tonight-midnight. I used to be ahead but there is a story coming up from behind out of nowhere, and it's a tight race now. I would so much appreciate your help. Her blog is www.becausemomsaidso.blogspot.com and the voting is on the sidebar on the right. "Grapejuice, Floaties" Just go there and cast a vote for me, please. Thanks so much-you're awesome! ♥♥

Anonymous said... [reply]

Suzette, I went over and voted just cause you asked, and good luck!!

Nem, I need that bunny hat pattern. Or the directions. Thanks.

coolmom said... [reply]

What the...?
That was me.

megs said... [reply]

can i request some awesome fingerless gloves :) ?

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