Kept waiting to see this woman's grisly death reported in the news

On Friday we drove downtown to try our hand at the Wicked lottery. Again, some more. (Fourth time, if you're counting.) GH dropped me off so I could at least get my name in while he parked. And then without me seeing him in the crowd, GH made it with one minute to spare and was the last one to put his name in the cauldron. Some lady right by the front snipped, "Well, HE'D better not win." Except, um, why shouldn't he win? Because he didn't stand there as long as she did? I wish I'd been with him so I could have given her the Eyebrow and started something.

Only guess who did win? This lady. She won and proceeded to do this hysterical witch cackle laugh that may or may not have been an affected mannerism (although, considering what's to come, it wouldn't surprise me if she taught herself to laugh like that.)

And then? Three names later her daughter wins two tickets. And Witch Lady cackled some more. At which point the crowd sort of good-naturedly grumbled that it wasn't fair for two people in the same family to get tickets. Which is when Witch Lady announces that not only has she already seen the show three times, but she actually already has tickets to see it during the Salt Lake City run.


Not sure how she thought that little bit of information was going to endear her to the empty-handed crowd of people who were just hoping to see the show once. That's when they actually starting booing at her. She then shrieked, "No, you don't understand, I have a Wicked blog!!!" Which, I guess, means that she deserves to see it 8 times at the expense of other people.

Because she loves it more.


Rachie said... [reply]

Holy crap, am I glad I dislike musicals in general and have no desire whatsoever to see Wicked. If I had to stand on line with people like that I don't think I could be held responsible for my actions.

hannah said... [reply]


I would love to see wicked, but I am not willing to go through the hassle. I think J will have to take me on a New York vacation...

daltongirl said... [reply]

There are no words. I'm SO glad we had a pleasant experience. I think Lola's head would have exploded if this had happened when she was there.

California, here I come!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

On the upside SHE now has some good blog-fodder. It is, after all, all about her.

Maybe her house will blow down on her legs. Did you check for stripey tights?

april said... [reply]

this kind of leaves me speechless. why on earth would you wait on line for free tickets when you already have tickets?!!! i usually get annoyed when something goes on clearance after i've purchased it!

Anonymous said... [reply]

was she trying to get punched? sounds like it would have worked if people were angry enough

Giggles said... [reply]

She's a witch!

And I know this because she turned me into a newt once. But I got better.

Audra said... [reply]

If only we knew what her blog was... we could launch an all-out attack of hatin' comments... I would help!

shelbs said... [reply]

Wow. That is enough to really burn your toast.

Maleen said... [reply]

She's lucky she WAS in a crowd of empty-handed individuals, because I could see her getting a good frying pan to the head.

Kristeee said... [reply]

I hope she has 10 bad hair days to make up for her rude behavior.

Nadia and Jeremy said... [reply]

wow...i'm surprised the crowd didn't tackle her.

Jenny said... [reply]

That's all we can pin our wicked hopes for this woman on now.

AmandaStretch said... [reply]

Oh man. I worked at the merchandise booth when Wicked came through Baltimore in 2007 (an old friend of mine is one of the merch managers). One night this guy came to the show who was so obsessed with Wicked that he had a (rather bad, and unfinished) tattoo on the side of his torso of Elphaba. He was also tipsy and a complete riot. His name was Orion, and I thought "what a cool name for a boy, too bad that if I were to use it, it would always remind me of this night."

Wicked really does bring out the crazies.

annelia26 said... [reply]

This made me really curious as to what type of person would do this, and since she mentioned she wrote a Wicked blog, I googled Wicked blogs in the SLC area around 4/27/09.

Is this her? http://mamamaryellensblog.blogspot.com/

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