Look away if you hate the schmoop

But I would be truly ungrateful if I didn't stand here before you today and bear my testimony of how I know my roommate is true.

Last night I slipped into A Funk and wasn't sure what my problem was. I felt sluggish and super-emotional and cranky. GH suggested that I could be getting sick. And since he has been sick of and on for about the last two weeks, and since he was chugging straight out of the bottle of really nice fresh-squeezed orange juice I got us, this was possibly a good guess. (And no, I'm not pregnant, but thanks for playing.)

I took Vitamin C and garlic pills, passed on the Zyrtec swabs because GH said he thought they might possibly have been recalled due to a side-effect of wiping out all sense of smell (which, hi, would hamper my ability to fully appreciate European cheeses), and went to bed hoping for the best. GH went to work.

Woke up this morning when GH peeked in the room and asked how I was feeling. (Answer: cautiously okay.) Was then presented with Starbucks hot chocolate and a big blueberry muffin. Because he is The Sweetest Man in the World III. It was a great way to start a Friday morning. The good feelings have lasted so far through all manner of computer and printer problems at work, with the resultant frustrated patrons, and might even get me through the Friday teen crowd, including the kid who is not supposed to come back today (but most assuredly will try). Turns out I'm not okay with junior high kids who keep shouting the word chlamydia in the library. I'm uptight like that.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Janssen said... [reply]

Wasn't there a Supreme Court case that ruled it is not legal to shout "chlamydia" in a crowded movie theater?

Musings of the Mrs. said... [reply]

Your testimony was amazing. Its so great to know things are true...especially people that live with you. How nice.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Janssen, if there wasn't then there should have been.

Musings, nothing can really beat a good roommate-imony, I think. Glad you felt the Spirit!

Jenny said... [reply]

Hot chocolate AND a blueberry muffin? in bed? You need to bronze his shorts. Or nominate him for saint-hood.

Sherry said... [reply]

So, if you try for Wicked tickets tomorrow and don't win again, you should go see the symphony. AMAZING. Seriously. Best performance I've ever attended.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Is that what you and your m-i-l did instead Sherry? We ended up heading back home and picking up Chinese takeout from a new place. So, you know, we're pretty much party animals.

It was so nice to meet you, though! Everyone, Sherry is lovely and charming and wears great scarves.

megs said... [reply]

that is sooo sweet! i'm glad that you bore your testimony to it :) and i certainly hope that my fiance turns out to be oh so sweet :)

Bridget said... [reply]

You must have married a Morning Person. Lucky.

Stephanie said... [reply]

i like the schmoop.

i think the jr. high kid is my brother's friend. i was atmy parent's house the other night and a bunch of grant's friends were shouting "chlamydia!" and "obama sucks!"

i don't know which i found more offensive...

ps. i know for a fact that they hang out at the library...so feel free to drop-kick any tall lanky 14 yr old blondes. (grant)

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

And just think--these are the kids who are going to the LIBRARY. Imagine what the kids who go to the mall are doing!

Audra said... [reply]

Thanks for the parenthesis... you may have gotten a private e-mail from me later asking about the status of your "sickness" ;)... actually, I limit myself to one per person. It is not nice to pester people about kids!

That is very sweet! My husband is really good when I am sick too. He gets me a puke bucket, the phone so I can call him on intercom in case I am about to die, and keeps the kids out of the room... for me, that's love!

Sweet husband things almost makes it worth it to get sick!

Barbaloot said... [reply]

Um---I just read your post about Mormon weddings and am pretty sure I cried laughing. ESPECIALLY since your views on announcements match mine perfectly:)
Can't wait to read more.

Oh-and I found you from MMB:)

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