Now that I think of it, she does have very nice nails

Sunday morning I was in a rush to finish getting ready. I applied eye-liner and was confused to see that at the end of it I did NOT look sexy, but rather hung-over and possibly infectious. Turned out I was using the identically-packaged Mary Kay lipliner by mistake. Woops.

Only, as I was soon to learn, it could have been much worse. The woman who got up to teach the Relief Society lesson prefaced her talk with a plea for everyone to please make sure they weren't letting their (metaphorical) plates get too full, which could lead to disorganization and rushing and mistakes. Of which she proceeded to give a personal example.

She held up two small, nearly identical dropper-type bottles. The only difference was that one was slightly bigger than the other, and the caps were two different shades of green. As she held them up, she said, "Okay. This is a bottle of eye drops. And this . . . is nail glue."

I think you may know where I'm going with this.

While they were out of town last week, her husband asked her to grab the eye drops. She was in a hurry and got them from her bag, thinking, "That's a good idea, I could use some drops myself," and quickly squeezed a few drops into her eye.

Of course, she'd grabbed the nail glue. And yes, please take whatever time you need to grimace your own eyes shut at such a horrifying prospect. Fifteen minutes later she was in the ER waiting for a doctor to dig the dried glue out of her eyeballs and she was incredibly lucky not to have permanent damage.

So let's everybody take a moment to slow down, smell the flowers, and read the labels. The world will be a better place for it, I'm sure.


FoxyJ said... [reply]

My mom has a very funny story from when we were little kids. Apparently one morning she was supposed to pack an extra lunch for my brother's class field trip. At the same time by baby brother had a poopy diaper. She stowed the diaper in a paper bag and threw it out, then passed the lunch on to my brother's teacher. You can imagine where this is going. Some poor kid who forgot a lunch opened up her paper bag later to find a very yucky surprise.

Desmama said... [reply]

I'm grimacing as I'm laughing at your post and FoxyJ's story.

Andrea said... [reply]

Ouch! I'm gonna go find some flowers to smell now...

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I feel a little bit sick now. Thanks for that.

Chillygator said... [reply]

I have a deep-set fear of eye drops that has only been solidified by on the day I had lasik surgery (that think were they like slice your eye and make the little flap come up!), my mother, who is blind in one eye and has no depth perception, decided she needed to put my eye drops in and jammed the bottle straight into my eye. We called the doctor and he started all kinds of creative swear words and told me he needed to look at it and fast.

It was fine, so not as bad as gluing my eye shut, but when I saw the eye dropper-shaped bottle I started feeling a little sickish inside.

nomadic gnome said... [reply]

um, i thought this was going to be another story. and here is that story:

once there was a girl whose eyelashes burnt off a bit and she wanted to supplement with some fake eyelashes. sadly, she mistook the nail glue for eyelash glue, and glued those puppies shut. fortunately she had loving friends and family who took care of her for the two days it took for the glue to wear off, and for which length she was blind.

this happened to my friends sister. maybe we should start some sort of action campaign for nail glue recognition.

Audra said... [reply]

Levi went to the mountains with the kids while I followed the next day after doing some things for my business. He had forgotten to get his allergy medicine and asked me to grab it for him. He said it was behind his sink. So I grabbed the one bottle I saw behind his sink, scanned the name, did not recognize it because I just figured it was a generic.

We get to the mountains and the next day he is complaining about how bad his allergies are to which I say, "Why don't you take your allergy medicine you goof!" To which he said, "I would take the medicing you brought but my back is not spasming!"

I brought his muscle relaxer from his recent neck surgery. Doh!

At least he did not pop one of those puppies and wonder why he slept till noon the next day!

Funny/Scary story Nem! And yes, I could not keep both eyes open while reading it!

Carly said... [reply]

Oh my goodness, I almost did the exact same thing this Sunday! I was using a purse that I hadn't used for a long time and in the front pocket was some nail glue (I can't even remember the last time I used it, so it was probably dried up anyway) but I was thinking, "What if I accidentally thought those were my eye drops!" I've been having eye problems for the last few weeks so this could easily have happened! I can't imagine how horrible that would be to actually do! Gah!

Lippy said... [reply]

Hiii there! Have ya missed me a little?

So glad all my favorites are still going strong!

Cicada said... [reply]

My coworker came into my office once and the whole side of her face was red. She explained that she just accidentally put super glue in her eye instead of eye drops. I looked at the bottles and they did look remarkably similar!! Luckily she caught it in time that all she had to do was flush it out in the bathroom.

emandtrev said... [reply]

Shuddering...now THAT is AWFUL.

FoxyJ's story is classic!

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