I am sorry if your family is perhaps not as photogenic as my family

(Note: This may also have something to do with the part where I am in none of these pictures.)

After Baby Hudson's baby blessing last month, my b-in-law held a little family photo shoot.

You may want to clap your hands over your mouths now, because you are about to see The Baby Sweater COMPLETE WITH BABY.

. . drumroll . . .

YEAH. Can you even deal with that???? I certainly can't, and have been whimpering at my desk now for about the last hour. If anyone asks what's wrong I'll just tell them I have a disorder. And that, you know, my right ovary just exploded. Or I'll just show them the picture and they can start making baby animal yelps right along with me.

Here is my hot mom holding Master Precious III.

And here's my dad, who pretty much turns into a puddle of (very manly and tough) goo over babies.

(See also: From Whence I Inherited The Eyebrow)

And here are the happy grandparents with their grand-progeny. Please don't ask me what Ethan is doing--this is the same boy who, in all of my wedding pictures, is trying to pull his shirt up over his head.


Valli said... [reply]

The sweater turned out so adorable. Good job, Nem.

Elsha said... [reply]

That picture is so adorable that if I weren't already pregnant I'd be having the "let's have another one!" conversation with my husband.

Janell said... [reply]

Its a beautiful sweater :)

Stephanie said... [reply]

i have now accepted that my family will never, ever be as photogenic or cute as yours.

you win, and i shall back out gracefully.

(in compensation, i would like you to AT LEAST consider setting up the girl child with my brother some day.)

Desmama said... [reply]

Those pictures are so sweet, and I think my favorite is the first, although I do love the ones with your dad and the baby.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

It also helps that your b-in-law is a professional photographer with all sorts of excellent photo taking skills and expensive camera equipment. Just saying.

Also, nice work on the sweater. How do I get my kids on the waiting list for one of those sweaters?

(I had no idea 'the eyebrow' came from your dad, he must be so proud. )

MommyJ said... [reply]

Um, yes indeed. That is one adorable baby. :)

Audra said... [reply]

The blue sweater makes his newborn blues pop! So sweet! Love me some babies when they are new and sweet and have yet to learn to throw a fit!

Vanessa said... [reply]

Now those are just THE BEST Grandparent photos, love them :)

Desmama said... [reply]

I keep coming back just to look at that first picture of him. It's THAT cute.

emandtrev said... [reply]

GREAT pictures. That sweater is darling, as are all your family members. :)

chosha said... [reply]

Your family do seem to have gone back for seconds from the cuteness buffet. You look like your mum, even if the eyebrow has another source. Absolutely applying no pressure whatsoever, but I am curious to see how these genes play out when mixed with GH's.

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