Yet another reason to love the Dollar Store

I was in The Dollar Tree today buying $1 fall decorations. (4 dollars later my house is now at least 55% more festive--go me and go the Chinese!)

I have decided they have the best music playing over their sound system. It's no-holds-barred shameless cheesy stuff, and yet. You cannot resist its lure. I caught a woman browsing next to me singing along under her breath. One time I possibly bopped around in the aisles at some completely embarrassing ghetto song from my junior high years (and no, I don't remember what it was). Today there was David Bowie and "Afternoon Delight."

I didn't notice the music so much during my last visit because the elderly woman behind me in the motherlong line was having back trouble and so to distract herself she engaged me in conversation. Unfortunately, most of the "conversation" consisted of her remarking on every item included in the at-register display and expecting me to say something back. This including the ovulation calculators, at which point I was at somewhat of a loss. I finally tried, "Yeah, I hear they have good pregnancy tests too." To which she answered "No, dear, this isn't a pregnancy test, it's a test to tell you if you can get pregnant." Ooookay then.

But anyway, I'm interested to know what company comes up with their playlists because the style is very much "Music People Would Never Admit Liking But They Will Still Find Themselves Singing Along and Bopping and Possibly Having Arrested Development Flashbacks."

They are evil geniuses, I tell you.

And now for the challenge: when next you visit your local dollar store, especially if it's a Dollar Tree, take note of the music. I shall do the same.


FoxyJ said... [reply]

I think that DI must have the same playlist. Not only were they playing weird music today, but I overheard at least two people singing along.

The reason why dollar store pregnancy tests are so cheap is because you have to pee in a cup, then use a little dropper to put pee into a little hole in the test. It's not 'pee on a stick'. I will admit that I've been cheap enough to use them, though...

goddessdivine said... [reply]

I just love that I can get greeting cards at 2/$1.....and ones that no one's seen yet! I also got the James Blunt CD not too long ago. That's cheaper than downloading just one of his songs!

blackjazz said... [reply]

I recently spent a week in London and decided to go to see Wicked. Disappointed. However, later in the week I saw Jersey Boys - fabulous show! (Despite the f-words.) I'm worried that I too might like cheesy music. Do you think so?

Audra said... [reply]

All I know is playing the music you want in your business is more of a pain-in-the-butt and expensive thing than you would think. Even my little teenie ice-cream shop. Liscencing, fees, and what-not add up and you have to get liscencing from 3 different companies just in case the song you want to play is somehow even a little bit owned by the other company. So a lot of people use companies that provide the "mood music" for you for a flat fee with liscencing built in. But I think a lot of the chains have the music liscencing already built in to the whole system of stores and they make their own "Dollar Store" playlist that is distributed to all the stores... and the company as a whole or the franchise owner pays that fee. In case you were asking that question to be answered rather than just retorical.

Bridget said... [reply]

I've totally noticed this and I'm glad someone else has, too! I was in a ghetto grocery store the other day and it was all songs like "Insensitive" by Jann Arden and "Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)" by whoever. And yes, I know every single word and you'd better believe I sang along, out loud. (quietly.)

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

"4 dollars later my house is now at least 55% more festive--go me and go the Chinese!"

99% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

I read this a few years ago; interesting and perhaps illuminating:

Mart -n- Marci said... [reply]

I am SOOOO sorry I didn't read this post earlier because I was JUST at the Dollar Store yesterday - and I would have loved to take note of the music - sadly, I was too busy trying to keep my three year old from picking up (and dropping) every single item within range of her little arms.

Thankfully, Dollar Store will still be there next month, when, I'm sure to need some other crappy dollar item. I'll listen then. :)

Nemesis said... [reply]

FoxyJ, I have a hard time imagining "Afternoon Delight" playing at the Lord's Thrift Store. But it would be hilarious.

Goddessdivine, I had not even thought about their greeting cards--right you are! I bought the big ol' Sam's Club pack of cards a couple of year ago and am still going strong on them. But when they run out, I now know what to do!

Blackjazz, you hurt me with your not-liking-Wicked words. You hurt me bad. I'm glad Jersey Boys was good though, and yes, I think you are probably cheesy at heart now.

Thanks, Audra! I figured they probably just bought a pre-compiled mix from somewhere. I hadn't considered how expensive that might be but it makes sense--it also helps explain why some stores spring for the Top 40s stuff and other people give you sax & flute covers of stuff that isn't even cool anymore.

Bridget, if you can't sing alone to "Never Get Over You" then it's because you are dead inside. Well done. :-)

STM, it cut the link off! Now I'm all bereft.

Aw, dang, Mart-n-Marci. You know what though, you were fighting the better fight, I think.

blackjazz said... [reply]

I'm so sorry... I tried, really I did! The music just didn't get me. I read about your failed attempts to get tickets and, to make matters worse, I turned up at the box office and bought a ticket 3 mins before the show was due to start :-)

emandtrev said... [reply]

Yes, agreed. One of my co-workers once told us a story about the best time ever at the dollar store, wherein they started playing the Charlie Brown theme song. She looked back to see her husband with his head thrown back and arms out, dancing like Snoopy. I say good for him.

Spencer and Jamie said... [reply]

I went to the doctor to figure out what was wrong with me and found out I was 8 weeks pregnant. That's what happens when you take the pregnancy tests from the dollar store. Thought I'd share.

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