Perfect Timing

When you're out, minding your business, running errands on a sunny Saturday and then all of a sudden the sky fills with dark clouds and it starts blizzarding sideways and you are firmly resolve that there is NO WAY you are going home until you've brushed the snow off your car and completed your errands, that is the perfect time to discover that the sole of your cheap years-old pair of stinky Payless flats has a big ol' crack in it.

So every time I got out of my car and scampered through slushy parking lots my left shoe filled up with ice water. This culminated in a moment at Nordstrom where I had to bring my sodden lint-covered trouser sock out of my nasty shoe in order to try on a pair of boots and realized that the horrible smell in my nostrils was not coming from a raccoon carcass someone may have dragged in and deposited nearby (as I desperately hoped) but was in fact the product of my foot.


As if the perfumed, MAC-wearing Nordstrom employees needed yet more proof that I don't belong in their store.

I ended up buying a pair of boots in part because I felt so bad for putting them through the indignity that was My Left Foot, and also because I didn't want to go home to think about it and have them sell out. But now I'm having second thoughts. They are Danskos, very comfortable, and very discounted. (And yes, Oprah. I wear Danskos. While you may have a problem with that, I'm not actually in a position to buy $200 flats like some people. I think we all know now the kind of flats I can afford. So don't you be giving me looks.) I very much like that the heel on these is tall enough to make me look less stubby, but not stiletto-y enough to kill me. I'm still not sure about the two-toned thing, though. It's like the shoe is having an identity crisis, or is maybe too trendy for the long haul. (Because hi, if I'm going to spend actual money on them, they need to be long-haul boots.) What do you think?


hannah :: sherbet blossom said... [reply]

i think they are very classic and pretty! i love them.

Spitfire said... [reply]

I like them

Stephanie said... [reply]

i like them. i think the two-tone adds VISUAL INTEREST but they are still TIMELESS.

i'm sorry, i'm watching what not to wear to wear right now, and it forced me to type like clinton talks.

Emily said... [reply]

They look nice.

I knew a girl who had kind of two-tone boots, and everyone always coveted them.

Yankee Girl said... [reply]

Keep them!

Desmama said... [reply]

I quite like them. I was just looking for a classy pair o' boots the other day but couldn't find any. Because you apparently bought them.

coolmom said... [reply]

Hey, you are really funny again! Love the boots, I think I need brown pair as well.

CoolBoy said... [reply]

Hold on, why doesn't Oprah like Danskos?

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I'm drooling. I found the ones I knew in the pre-existence yesterday myself. Hm . . . the budget went instead for groceries, diapers and kid-gifts. le sigh.

Jenny said... [reply]

Coolboy. Oprah says you (and by you I mean not you) should be wearing heels, not clodhoppers.

CoolBoy said... [reply]

Oh, right!
Maybe Oprah will give Nemesis a pair!

Katie said... [reply]

Those boots are a VERY, VERY YES!

chosha said... [reply]

I think the boots LOOK great, but is that suede on the front...and did you say snow?

And given that Oprah probably never has to walk anywhere, she can enjoy her heels and keep quiet about the rest of us.

Bridget said... [reply]

I can't quite tell from the picture - are they two-tone black/brown or two-tone brown/brown? I don't get the black/brown stuff lately. If it's brown/brown, I think those are gorgeous.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Chosha, yeah. I asked them about the suede and I would just need to buy a spray to snow-proof them. I already have a spray for the leather part.

Bridget, it IS brown & brown. Here's a better picture.

MJ said... [reply]

I like them. And they're Danskos??? I've got a pair of their clogs and I LOVE them--and I can't afford $200 flats, either, or I'd have some of those, too...

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

All right, my dear, I will try to explain this from the position of a Wardrobe and Image Consultant (which I have been, off and on, for over 20 years).

These boots are just fine. They do not look like Danskos--they are very classic and pretty. What Oprah (and I) object to is the wearing of shoes strictly for comfort when not exercising, hiking, visiting a theme park, or in the privacy of your own home. Comfortable (read: frumpy) shoes are not professional-looking. This does not mean you should walk around all day with your feet killing you, but that you should strike a balance between stylish and comfortable, age-appropriate and professional. These boots do that, and more power to you! (But I would encourage you to be the most stylish, smokin' hot librarian in the profession. Unfortunately, I see too many with glasses, I-give-up hair, and 20-year-old sweaters.)

CoolBoy said... [reply]

"Unfortunately, I see too many with glasses, I-give-up hair, and 20-year-old sweaters."

But some of us find that pretty hot. I know I'm not complaining.

vw: moodi (ha!)

emandtrev said... [reply]

I *really* like them. Good call. I need new brown boots, but more of an ankle version that I can wear with jeans and such.

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

Coolboy, I grant you that some may find frumpiness attractive. There is, as my dear friend's late father used to say, "an a** for every saddle." However, just as a house for sale must have curb appeal, people (especially those who are on the market for spouses, though Miss N. is not one of those) need to look appealing to the broadest group of potential "buyers." Stereotypes aside, even librarians need to sell themselves to the public as intelligent, with-it, professional and trustworthy people--not frumps who prefer the company of multiple cats to people.

Hope I don't sound too snotty. I don't mean to be!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Heh. You're awesome, Mrs. Clark. And so are you, coolboy my brother.

april said... [reply]

i'm just wondering if you wore them home and if so, would you still return them?

p.s. i like them

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