Yep. I'm done.

I think I am done with errands now for at least the next 4 weeks. My leached-out soul may have recovered by then. So have fun looking for updates from the woman who is refusing to leave her house even to buy such things as milk and toilet paper. Junk mail was good enough for my pre-toilet-paper ancestors and it can be good enough for me.

One of the things I did today was return The Boots. I know, I know, they were cute and wonderful but I just wasn't feeling it for the schizophrenia of it all. So if anyone would like a pair of those bad boys in a 37 they are at Nordstrom in Fashion Place mall reduced from $225 to $129. So, you know, go get on that.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for these sexy beasts to go on sale. Rowr.

And when they do I will not be buying them from the salesperson at Macy's shoe department whose idea of greeting customers is to grill them about whether or not they are going skiing now that there is snow and why skiing is just better and how are they not even a skiier because they should be skiing and it's not even cold when you ski. Seriously, dude. Back the heck up off me, because I didn't want to be conversing with you in the first place. And since I'm not on the clock, I actually get to make that choice.

The thing that made the errands bearable was listening to this song on repeat in the car. Probably everyone knows about it already and it may not even be cool anymore because that's just how far behind I am in all things musical, but seriously.

I dare you not to bop.


goddessdivine said... [reply]

Count me as another who does not think skiing is all that and a bag of chips (um, I like having feeling in my fingers and toes thank-you very much). Seriously; there is more to life than skiing (and football, for that matter).

You probably already have, but you should check on-line for those boots....or something like unto it. Plus, black Friday is a few days away; you may be able to score a deal. ;-)

Giggles said... [reply]

While I admire your resourcefulness in using junk mail for toilet paper, it's not something I could do. Before we got married I told my husband that I was worth the expense of the name brand quilted stuff. He decided I was worth at least that in our budget.

coolmom said... [reply]

Bopping was immediate!!! Same here. I wish I'd had that song in my head today when "the crazy" called my office. See my blog for details.

Ann-Marie said... [reply]

I love Ingrid Michaelson!

beckyww said... [reply]

Before we were married, my hubby believed a 12-pack of TP was a lifetime supply. Now that we have four daughters, he understands that's a weekly purchase.

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