Looks like somebody out there was thinking positive thoughts!

The universe kicked in! GH has a new job!

One minute I pretty much resigned myself to the part where he would always be working the night shift for $4.25 per hour and that one day he would die of insomnia-related causes and I would be left a zit-faced widow and that would be it. The next minute he was getting a call about a job that he barely remembered applying for over a month ago.

The interview went well and all weekend we crossed fingers and prayed that this could work out. On Sunday a man in our ward gave a talk on adversity and said that in the last year 3 of his sons have lost their jobs and he himself has had to lay off two-thirds of his own workforce. Which was a nice little (or, you know, huge) reminder that even if GH doesn't find a new job any time soon, the part where he is employed at all is a huge blessing.

This morning they called and offered him the job. He starts at the end of the month. We are both pretty much giddy--GH moreso than me because he hasn't actually slept in two days. It's a PR/Social Media sort of job. He'll have to commute about 30 minutes to the northern part of Utah County, which isn't too bad. (Aaaaand this is the part where all the Cache Valley dwellers sit up and gasp. "Utah County!?! Dat's duh debbil's land!!!" Um, guys, the two counties aren't that different from each other, and please remember whose land it is that smells like poop.)

Here are just a few of the reasons why this is wonderful news.

1. The pay is a little better than what he's currently making and hi, it's in the DAYTIME.

2. Also the health/retirement benefits are better. But I must say I just love the part where to cover 1 person on the cheapest plan it's $8 a month. To bump that up to two people it's $188 a month. Not even lying. I am also not negating what a blessing to have a job right now that offers any sort of health insurance benefit. No matter how limited and expensive that insurance may be, we're better off than the millions who don't have that option. I don't even want to get into the accounts I've heard from friends and coworkers who have to purchase their own insurance because pretty much all the stories are awful enough to make my brain explode. ("We won't cover you because 47 years ago you had a wonky mole, sorry.")

3. This could possibly be the end of GH's insomnia and the fun "guess the new stress-related physical symptom" game. (We all know mine is eye-twitches. GH moved from eye-twitches to tension headaches to back pain to, funnest of all, chest pain. Show-off.)

4. We just might get used to sleeping in the same bed at the same time.

5. GH will be working for a company that actually makes money, where he will get to do things like take lunch breaks and not write the news every day under crazy deadlines.

And, in what is perhaps the best news of all . . .

6. . . . This place has a dress code. So instead of wearing his hoodies and Vans to work every night like a skater or car thief, he will have to start wearing grown-up work clothes. This means that I get to take him shopping and dress him like my very own hot live Ken doll! (Note: Oddly, he does not see the dress code as a plus. But maybe not everything is about him.)

Best. Christmas present. Ever!

(Except for, you know, the first Christmas present which was the baby Jesus. Close second, though!)


momof8 said... [reply]

Congrats! That is awesome! Merry Christmas!!!

Desmama said... [reply]

Just for the record, I actually like Utah County. Lived there for seven years and made some great friends. We don't all love the smell of poop, you know. :)

AmandaStretch said... [reply]

Woohoo! Congrats to GH! Chances are good that he's going to run into my dad at some something or other, since he's kind of a big deal in the Utah PR world. But yay to being gainfully employed in the daytime.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

Hooray! Also, hooray for getting GH to wear real work clothes. I'm counting the minutes until Señor H-B wears real clothes on more than just Sundays.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Desmama, I knew you wouldn't be one of the gaspers. But GH has a few cousins that will definitely be dismayed!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

A)What does your complexion have to do with GH not getting enough sleep?

B)I once told Plantboy that he'd have to get offered a million dollars a year for me to move to Utah County. He thought I was joking. I was not.

C)I think "wonkymole" is a game at Chuck E. Cheese.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

And Desmama, don't you practically have a HORSE living in your back yard? And two kids in diapers? Are you SURE you don't like the smell of poop? :)

FoxyJ said... [reply]

The smell of poop reminds me of my grandma's house. And I actually like Utah County (well, Orem). My neighborhood is actually much more walkable than many parts of Salt Lake County :)

Anyways, congrats on the job!! My husband had a job with real clothes for a while, and now they languish in the closet while he wears his pajamas to work..

Angela Noelle said... [reply]

1. Yahoo!

2. Oh, how you make me laugh. Bless your guts.

John Dent (House) said... [reply]

Jebus schmeebus--you get to sleep with your husband again! Woohoo!

Merry Christmas!

Mechanica said... [reply]

That is so great! I remember how excited I was when my husband finally got a real job that paid real money and he had to wear nice work clothes. Unfortuantely for us, his real job makes him work nights. :( I can totally relate to all the health related sleep issues you talked about and I hate that he is never home at dinner time and that his day offs don't feel like it because half the day is over by the time he wakes up. But hey at least he is gainfully employed, right? It could be worse.

Kelly said... [reply]

Yay!! Congratulations to GH!

Sometimes I wish Jason had a dress code. His T-shirt collection stills threatens to take over the bedroom, despite us culling the herd over the past month.

deerhollow said... [reply]

Great news!!! But hey there, girlie . . . Cache Valley ROCKS! You know it does.
Need honey?? Have Miss M stop by sometime!
Or better yet YOU can if you are ever up in these smelly woods!

kip said... [reply]

Fantastic! Congratulations!

Kiersten said... [reply]

This post was hilarious. Congratulations to you guys! However, not too rain on your parade or anything, but Cache Valley isn't the only place that smells like poop. Utah County has its own share of the stink: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/article_b31a20fe-f7ca-5261-85e2-a9755bceffb3.html

jeri said... [reply]

Am ever so excited for you - but not nearly as excited as Jenny, who gave me a giant hug yesterday because she could not contain herself.

Joe has a dress code at his work but it involves choosing whether he would like to wear his navy blue CUWCD shirt, or his black one. So I will probably never have my own live Ken doll.

Yes, Facebook did really and for true prompt me to reconnect with you. It threatened to break my legs.

jeri said... [reply]

Kiersten - that stench was 24% of the reason we moved away from that area. I liked the article but "... kibosh the fetid odor..." might have been a bit much. Also that was written last spring and I'm pretty sure they haven't solved the problem yet.

Katie said... [reply]

Congrats! That's awesome!

Kimi said... [reply]

Congrats on the new job! Make sure to tell GH (notice I said GH) congrats as well! Welcome to my life in the banking world.. well sorta. The whole dressing up part will be good for him, I'm not sure he's had to worry about that EVER. Also, I totally know what you mean about the insurance. Insurance for myself is $12 a month... insurance for two of us is about $175. Therefore we bought jeff a cheap plan and I get the good plan... for really cheap. Not sure that's the best idea, but hey it saves us money! Good luck to you and GH, I hope it all works out. I'm sure you will LOVE not having him gone every night!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Kimi, that is possibly a BRILLIANT idea! Are they both from the same company--like, did they just let you choose two different plans?

Audra said... [reply]

Hooray! Great news! I know the stress... so happy you get to dress him!

(And on a side note: I just bought a 5th row ticket to Wicked and thought of you. How you may ask? Well, if you go by yourself like a loser and only request 1 ticket you can sometimes get awesome seats.)

emandtrev said... [reply]

That is great news! Congratulations to both of you.

I quite literally have horses in my backyard and love it dearly here, so I can't touch the rest... :)

Congrats, congrats, and have fun shopping for new work attire too!

Azúcar said... [reply]

I work near that smell, Jeri and Kiersten, and let me tell you, it has not gone away.

Although Utah County freaking rocks.

Nells-Bells said... [reply]

such great news! so, so excited for him and you!

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