I feel like Percy the Prefect over here

I made a complaint with the apartment complex about little Cujo. So we shall see. I feel all aflush with power now.

My next mission? The cigarette smell under my bathroom sink. Am pretty sure it means a neighbor is using his/her bathroom as a secret smoking spot. (And no, residents are not allowed to smoke inside the apartments.) Last night I could smell smoke the second I stepped into the bathroom, and I made GH get his crippled body up out of bed to come in and sniff the air to verify that I was not losing my mind. He could smell it too. He didn't care in quite the rabid way I do, but that's because he hasn't actually gone under our bathroom sink in the last two month cuz, you know, cripple.

So I'll be going over to the people who live on the other side of the wall and pulling a Meryl-Streep-as-Mrs.-Fox: "If what I think is happening . . . is happening? It better not be."

Whoo hoo! Anyone else have a problem they'd like to sic me on?


Sarah said... [reply]

Go rule followers!

daltongirl said... [reply]

I want all the people in Utah to stop running red lights. Go!

lilcis said... [reply]

Good for you!

I've been there with the smoker. When the neighbors below us moved out the had their sister staying in the apartment until the lease was up. We think she was going into the bathroom to smoke with the fan on to mask the smell. Instead it would fill our apartment with the stench. Totally sucked, especially since our landlord was a wuss and wouldn't do anything about it. We went down and asked her to please stop but that didn't help either. So we just had to wait it out.

springrose said... [reply]

In our last apartment in Utah our linen closet always smelled like cigaret smoke! I was constantly washing the sheets and towels. I hated it. Our managers wouldn't do anything about it. I'm so glad to be in a house and not an apartment!! Good luck, and you want to go sick the GT teacher at my daughters school?

Giggles said... [reply]


We lived in an apartment growing up where the neighbors would smoke so much (unfortunately it was allowed) that it would set off our smoke detector. Now that's just bad.

I hope you get this cleared up real soon.

Angela Noelle said... [reply]

I think you should attach an alarm to a string, mount it outside their front door, and weave it up into your house and down into the bathroom. It should emit a smoke alarm sound. Pull at will upon smoke-polluted bathroom entry.

Alternatively, sneak in and install a bathroom sprinkler.

Chillygator said... [reply]

I need someone to fix my coworker who eavesdrops. I believe in you!

Whitney said... [reply]

At my last apartment, we could also smell our neighbors' smoke. I would have freaked out if it was cigarette smoke. Problem was, it wasn't cigarettes they were smoking. It was pot.

AmyJane said... [reply]

Yeah. Smokers use the bathroom fan to mask the smell when they don't want to go outside in the winter. We dealt with this all the time in Reno. It comes right on up until YOUR non-smoking bathroom smells like a stale bar. I HATED that. Apartment living has it's perils. I still maintain that I'm sueing if the kids ever have any second hand smoke damage.

Ooh, just read the comments. Our linen closet had the smell too. I think it must be the transfer points. Annoying.

Stephanie Graham said... [reply]

l.o.v.e. the Percy reference...keep them zingers comin'

Mart -n- Marci said... [reply]

Is it terrible that I love realizing how far I've come at your expense? *Bwa ha ha*...but seriously - I remember this very experience happening to me, only it was the smoke from the downstairs neighbor drifting up through the ceiling onto our living room floor where my one-year old son was crawling.

That's when we moved...

...into a duplex...

...where the garages separated the apartments.

Nuf said.

Mart -n- Marci said... [reply]


you could try the Seinfeld line, and inform your neighbor that you're trying to cut back on the number of packs you second-hand smoke each day.

Maybe that would work.

AmiZOOKey said... [reply]

In NZ the supposed 3rd "official" language is NZ Sign Language - this is actually quite the joke(well in my opinion anyway). It seems pointless to me to make it the 3rd official language when no one is doing anything about it - of course there plenty of schools who believe they are SO good and teaching "sign language" but ACTUALLY what they're teaching is SIGNED English which is signing EVERY SINGLE WORD - this is obsolete! And it's certainly not NZ Sign Language. My husband is completely deaf in one ear and his older brother is completely deaf in both so our family obviously knows a bit about NZ Sign Language. I find it frustrating seeing the schools teach archaic sign - most of which is no longer used or now has a new different sign and often confusing and contradicting the signs that my children already know (I think my children probably know more than their teachers!). One time I actually got into a warm argument with one teacher who thought she knew a particular sign - she didn't!
And another time I dropped one of my son's off for a school visit (before he started school officially) - they were signing and they attempted to sign the letter P (FYI it's quite different from US sign) - it looked more like a D. I thought about leaving it alone and just leaving but I changed my mind, came back into the classroom, interrupted the teacher and said "That's NOT P! It's D! THIS is P"
and then I left.

Since then I have written several grumpy letters to the school about their insistence on using archaic, obsolete signs.

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