Eighteen weeks

This last week I appear to have bumped out a bit. A middle-aged man at the library pointed at my stomach and asked, "So when are you due?" I thought that was kind of a brave guess on his part. I could easily have burst into tears and shouted "I'm just bloated, okay????" And then torn off his face and eaten it. You just never know. He also remarked that he hadn't seen me at the library in awhile. Since, you know, I must have been gone somewhere, getting knocked up.

My July 4th weekend was a nice one. We spent part of the time up in L****, watching fireworks and taking Official Family Photos. I also got to have lunch with Desmama and get my hairs cut and colored so I wouldn't have two-inch dusty-bat-poop roots in the OFP.

The highlight for me, though, of the Logan leg was giving my nephew the knitted snake he commissioned from me last month. I dutifully found a pattern, a perfect skein of yarn (Paton's Classic Wool in "Forest") and got started during the Bear Lake trip. When it was finished I stuffed it with dry beans, which gave the snake some heft and body and slither. He turned out pretty cute, no?

I gave him to C while we were all gathered together to watch the fireworks. (I sensibly waited until after the kids were done throwing all those throw-down-popper firework thingies, so as not to compete.) So I gave it to him and was fully prepared for him to admire it a bit and then put it away so he could get back to running around. But I don't think it ever left his hands again for the rest of the night--he really seemed to like it a lot.

Then he wanted to know if I could make him a jaguar. I'm going to go ahead and say no to that.


Ana said... [reply]

probably wise on the Jaguar :)

We just got back from visiting my folks and my Mum was browsing through a sale magazine for Ezibuy (clothing and everything else store...) and casually commented to my Dad and I that she liked a particular cardigan - long, adult size, knitted with intricate cables and a shaped hood - then she added "Ana will make this for me one day...." (her attempt at a subtle hint) - I guess she thought that this would be no problem on account of my crochet/knit fashion expertise and all - to their surprise no doubt I announced rather loudly that I don't ACTUALLY like knitting, that it is more work than Crochet and takes AGES, that when it comes to knitting I only really "like" designing and making baby/children items or SMALL accessories as they're quick to make and yet you still feel satisfactorily accomplished as you've finished a whole item. I also added that the reason why most of my patterns for sale were knitting patterns were because of this dislike for knitting.

One time I had a customer in SF challenge me with quite the unexpected and unusual request which happily resulted in these:

Gotta LOVE customers with that kind of faith in ya.

Desmama said... [reply]

Whoa. Yeah, that man's comment/question was brave.

It was lovely to lunch with you. Really it was. I wish we could've visited longer. You've re-inspired me to start knitting again.

Lisa said... [reply]

I think older men have an uncanny ability to recognize a pregnant woman. My dad, on more then one occasion correctly gave a Congratulations to someone I wouldn't have even guessed was with child.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Okay, gorgeous!

I met Spitfire last night at a book group in L****. She is a riot. She told me to check out your prego tummy here.

emandtrev said... [reply]

Pretty daring, that guy. You look just lovely in your picture. I hope you are feeling and doing well too.

Your knitting projects never cease to amaze me!

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