What? Braggy McBraggerson?

Remember that one time when I indicated that I had a Christmas present idea in the works that would make me the most favorite person ever? Well. The idea was good, my follow-through was not so much. (I know. Me, procrastinate? Shocking.)

But still, I want to show what I was up to, now that it's not giving me nightmares and guilt-induced ulcers anymore. I give you the French Press Knits Felted Slipper from French Press Knits.

(image from French Press Knits)

I know, right?? This is the one aaaaaallll the cool knitters were doing for Christmas, if the 3,000+ projects in Ravelry are anything to go by. Daltongirl pointed this pattern out to me around Thanksgiving, because she is a cruel vixen in that way. My heart exploded in my chest, I cursed her for being the kind of hose-beast who would point me to something like this right around Thanksgiving when I was supposed to be all done with the gifts of the Christmas, and then raced outside like a rabid squirrel and stocked up on the necessary yarn.

Now that it's been, oh, eleventy thousand months and I've finished (most of) them I feel it's time to to slap them up on the Brag Wall. They didn't take long at all to knit, it's just that then I had to actually drag my butt off the couch to do things like seaming and felting and attaching of buttons and oh, I feel faint now. Being this lazy is not as easy as it looks.

So here are the end results, with varying levels of success.

As fun as these were to give away, please act as my witness here when I say that I will not repeat such an exercise next Thanksgiving. And if I'm tempted to do it, please remind me that I am speaking THE CRAZY TALK AND NEED TO JUST SHUT UP AND GO EAT SOME MORE PIE BECAUSE THE BABY NEEDS PIE OKAY???

Thank you.


Bridget said... [reply]

Wow, I'm not even into knitting or crafts or sewing but those are really impressive. And cute! Good on you!

emandtrev said... [reply]

I will just in my order now, if that's okay. Seriously, wow. They are so great. In fact, I commented Spitfire on hers a few months ago at book club.

heidikins said... [reply]

Um, those are awesome. As in seriously awesome. *Big Fan*


MBC said... [reply]

So cute! So cute!

You almost make me want to pull out my knitting needles, even though I only have the skills to make scarves.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Bridget, thank you!

Emandtrev, thanks. I was happy with how Spitfire's turned out. The pink ones, on the other hand . . . I blame the yarn.

Thank you, heidikins!

MBC, you absolutely could make these. The pieces are all done in knit stich (so think 4 tiny scarves), and then you sew the pieces together (there's even a great video over on FPK showing the easiest/nicest-looking way to do that). Then you toss it in the washing machine on hot and BAM, you have slippers. Criminally easy for how cute they look. Unless, you know, you're a slacker like me who loses steam in-between steps.

Valli said... [reply]

Wow, super wow!
The brown ones with those adorable buttons are to die for. Great job! You are so talented.

Debbie Barr said... [reply]

Those are super cute! I especially love the first and third pairs.

brinestone said... [reply]

Where can I obtain this pattern? I am in love.

emandtrev said... [reply]

You know--I really meant to say "complimented" not "commented," but thankfully you knew where I was going. Geez!

Sarah said... [reply]

Want to make me some?

Karen said... [reply]

those are easily the cutest knitted products i've ever seen for adults. (you can't really include knitted items for babies as that's in a league of it's own).

Elsha said... [reply]

Those may be the cutest shoes I've ever seen in my life.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

Look at you getting all domestic and stuff. Pretty soon you'll be making costumes and prom dresses.....

Marie said... [reply]

I second all the wows and up it a wow or two--very,very impressive, and worth coming out from regular reader/ regular non-commenter status to say that they are fantastic. Whoever got those is very, very lucky!

jill said... [reply]

OMG I want some! I need some! So cute!

Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said... [reply]

Want. Badly.

Stabbing pains of longing.


Mad Hadder said... [reply]

My daughter in MD made these in purple and aqua. So now me too. You should see the ascots I'm knitting this summer. And the gnomes.

Kelsey said... [reply]

Wow! Felting scares me. I'm sure it's really not that big a deal, but still. Scary. They look great! What are you working on for the Spud?

Nells-Bells said... [reply]

these are seriously cool. i'm sad i was not on the receiving end. :( but i won't pressure you into doing anymore...i promise...well...

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