Holy cow, this is the 1000th blog post

Of course, if I were posting with any regularity I probably would have hit that milestone, oh, a year or so ago.

But speaking of cows, last night GH and I went to the temple. This is the last time we will be able to do this for a while, since everyone was looking at me as though I were a ticking time bomb about to shoot placenta across their clean carpets. But in a very loving way, of course.

We did sealings because it takes less time than a full session, and we figured if I were to go into early labor it's a lot easier to excuse yourself without throwing a wrench in the works. The small sealing room was quite warm in the beginning though, and as GH and I settled in at the altar the sweet temple worker wanted to be sure I was going to be comfortable.

Sweet temple worker: "Now, are you going to be okay?"

Me: "Thanks, I should be fine. The room is a bit warm, though."

STW: "It's just that kneeling can be hard on the circulation. Please, let us know if you need to stop."

Me: "Oh, no worries about that. I'll pass out from the heat long before then."

Happily, I did not pass out or anything untoward like that. I did, however, go to use the bathroom while we were there and found that they maybe designed those stalls for pole dancers or other crazy-limber folk. Because when I tried to shut the door I ended up wedging myself in the door frame. It was a classy time. I thought somebody might have to come over with some Crisco.

Except come on! I'm not that big, and people of all body sizes surely use those bathrooms. What kind of freaky acrobatics are they looking for, exactly? If I ever hear that someone broke a leg because they had to climb on top of the toilet in order to shut the stall door, I'll have my answer.


Elsha said... [reply]

Congratulations on 1000 posts!

Those rooms are warm when you're pregnant aren't they? I was 7 weeks along when my husband and I were sealed (he's a convert so we were already married, in case you were wondering. We didn't like, sneak in and think nobody would notice later.) and during the session I kept thinking, man it's warm in here. And the longer it went on the more I was like, MAN, I am going to pass out if I can't a) cool off and b) get something to eat like PRONTO.

perkiwindy said... [reply]

My husband served his mission in the philipines and a year after we got married we went back to visit. All public toilets have the door right up next to the toilet because...yes...you DO stand ON the SEAT to do your business there (why would you need leg room?). That is if you are lucky enough not to pick a bathroom that just has the hole or trough style pooper. FUN!

Jenny said... [reply]

Hah! after having that same experience in my ward bathroom stall... I concluded that very skinny, limber men design them.

Jenn said... [reply]

1. I think the sealing rooms are always warm, but I did feel especially like passing out when I was pregnant. Something about those crazy bright chandeliers that really warm the place up.
2. Why are all the church stalls built that way? Everywhere! In every church building! I am a small girl, but I only use the handicap stall because I can't stand my leg brushing up against the toilet as I try to squeeze in and close the door.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

It is actually quite common for pregnant ladies to pass out during sealings. I'm sure they were just making sure you were comfortable....because they don't want a little medical emergency on their hands. ;-)

Hey, did you think about using the handicap stalls? Those are awesome. And you get your own sink!

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