Like I need a reason to show off my baby

This message was passed on to me from my nephew:

Blogger Jenny said...

Hudson wants more baby pictures. He doesn't care about smiley pants Dwayne Johnson.

First of all, this means that Hudson is missing out in life, but whatever. His wish is my command.

Hanging out with cousin Army Guy Ethan.


Appreciating the outdoors.

Hamming it up.

Generally being precious.

If I had a picture of the tooth he's cutting I'd post it but he won't let me get a good look. The only way I know it's there is the part where we're walking around in about 8 inches of drool and also he nearly bit my finger off. At which point I wished I'd named him Charlie because then it would have been funnier.


brinestone said... [reply]

He really is a beautiful baby, and I swear he gets more precious every time you post pictures. It's insidious.

Elsha said... [reply]

He's a cutie!

Jenny said... [reply]

Hudson says thank you.

Jenniston Alfred said... [reply]

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