Le sigh . . .

This is me emerging from blogging hibernation for a completely selfish reason: I want to go to Paris.

Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day is giving away a 7-day trip to Paris and just thinking about it makes me want to sob a tiny bit. The last day to enter is today so go get on that!

The reason the thought of Paris makes me sigh (other than the part where I have been off bread and cheese for the past week and it has made me a tiny bit unhinged) is because I've been thinking about My Life. (Oooooh, deep!)

The other day it occurred to me as I wiped poop off my baby's butt (and legs, and feet, and back, and my hands, and my arms) that my life right now is so very different from the other experiences I've had in the, um, x-number of years since I left home. I thought about some of the cool things I've done and places I've traveled and been and lived, then I compared it to what I'm doing now, and wonder if I'm even that girl anymore. Or if I'll ever have the chance to do some of those things again. I have to believe that I will. And then I remind myself to appreciate the simple, sweet little life that I have now because I'm sure there will be plenty of times when THIS is the season I look back on with nostalgia.

Do you ever get this way? I'm sure everybody does. In fact, we should probably all go have some brie and french bread right now. It's not a trip to Paris, but I'm sure it will do us good.

(Me, in Paris, eating brie twelve years ago, back when I still had only the one chin. I'm betting a trip to Paris would be worth it to GH if I promise never again to cut my hair like this!)


annie (the annilygreen one) said... [reply]

i was just thinking that your hair looks awesome like that! curls and short hair are gorgeous.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

At least you have a little butt to wipe. I think we all feel like the grass is greener somewhere else. I have yet to go to Paris. Someday.... (Maybe in a summer or two?)

*I also just tried to enter the contest and her comment section doesn't seem to be working properly. ;-(

westcoastsoul said... [reply]

I hope you get to go back to Paris soon! I can't wait to go back :D

AmyJane said... [reply]

Welcome to the trenches. The self doubt and wondering who the heck you are anymore is part of the package. Hang in there. And yes, obviously, a trip to Paris wouldn't hurt anyone!

Jenny said... [reply]

I have no past to look back nostalgically on...I'm still holding out that one day my ship will sail and I will have need of a passport.

Caitlyn said... [reply]

I'm GH's cousin and have had fun getting to know you through your blog since we live a couple states away. Hopefully we can see you this summer when we are out visiting the fam. and our two little boys can meet each other.

Anyhow...I, too, used to travel and love new adventures, and just posted a very similar train of thought on my blog. Check it out if you'd like. http://otterpopfamily.blogspot.com/2011/06/mama-said-thered-be-days-like-this.html

Nemesis said... [reply]

Annie, thank you so much for the compliment!

Goddessdivine, you definitely must go to Europe. It's so much fun!

Westcoastsoul, you feel me. Not that it even has to be Paris. Anywhere exotic and lovely would be great. :-)

Nemesis said... [reply]

Amyjane, yeah. Remember how we used to be people who went to Europe together? Good times.

Your ship is coming, my sister.

Caitlin, that story on your blog was hilarious. Holy cow. And yes, I'm sure we'll end up getting together, it'll be great!

Anne said... [reply]

At Costco the other day they were handing out Brie samples. I tried to get Doug to go get one (even though he couldn't eat the bread) just so I could have more. He wouldn't. Grr...

I've been feeling a bit nostalgic as well - hence the Irish Scones post on my blog. I started to wonder, "Am I any fun anymore?" I may not be fun but the other day John and I were playing on the floor and I thought "This day is going so well that I feel like I'm a family in a church commercial." At least John thinks I'm fun (most of the time).

Coolmom said... [reply]

I'm thinking a Parisian GIRLS WEEK OR TWO OUT in the year 2020 or something. Any takers??? I am itching to go to Europe!!!

Jenny said... [reply]

Mom, I can't wait that long.

Cooldad said... [reply]

Adapted quote from Braveheart..."The problem with Paris is it is full of Parisians."

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