Bridal Veil Falls and me being an old fart

Recently we had some of the first sunny weather since I do not remember when, so I made the executive decision that we would go experience some outdoors. We drove to Provo Canyon to see Bridal Veil falls and met much of the Utah Valley population there. I dipped my big toe in the water at the bottom of the falls and it promptly turned white and fell off. So don't ask me what kind of bionic toddlers they've got here who were splashing around like it was nothing.

Two good-lookin' guys.

The Provo River, looking very rapids-y.

Bridal Veil falls. Told you they're obsessed with marriage here!

Just the cutest baby ever, that's all.

When it started to look like rain, we went to the very cool Blickenstaff's toy store and looked around. They have a phone booth filled with imported British candy and I got myself a Cadbury Whole Nut bar. (The REAL kind of Cadbury, mind you, not the Hershey-created imposter. I shake my fist at you and your ways, Hershey.)

We also grabbed a Clark Bar and an O Henry bar, because we'd never tried either. My verdict? Enh. The Clark Bar was a lot like a Butterfinger. Neither were as good as a Dairy Milk. Because the bathroom at The Shops at Riverwoods didn't have any kind of changing facilities, (really, The Shops at Riverwoods?) I changed the Tiny Dark Lord's diaper on the grass in the middle of the pedestrian area. Grass on his nekkid bum was a new experience for him, but he bore it nobly. It wasn't very crowded so I don't think anyone even noticed what I was doing. Which is too bad, because I was all prepared in case anyone decided to have a go at me.

I had a Groupon for Sammy's Cafe in Provo, so we went there for dinner and sat outside. Now . . . this is the part where I betray myself. I realize this place is cool. It's this little hip hole-in-the-wall spot just off Center Street. They play the loud music and have the cool art and sponsor bands and have Polaroids covering the walls and name their burgers after local personalities and the people who work there have feathers in their hairs. I get it.

Only . . . it was really dirty. Does it have to be dirty to be cool? There were no other customers when we went showed up, and yet the counters and tables had not been wiped down. The floor didn't appear to have been mopped in days, if not longer. GH saw an employee lick their hand after giving a customer a melty shake. (And yes, I'm going to assume this person washed said hand before doing anything else, but dang. . . )

The people who worked there were very friendly, but it took a while to get all of our food ready--it seemed like the cook could only work on one thing at a time. So first we got our fries, and then a few minutes later we got GH's burger, and then a few minutes after that I got mine. And the food? I really wasn't that impressed. It could be that we didn't order the best things (we both just did the "Make Your Own" burgers). But our burgers were tough, and when GH realized that he was eating bread & butter pickles instead of dill this look of bewildered hurt came into his eyes. The fries were good, and the pie shake (we got the Mint Oreo Pie) was tasty but nothing to write home about. I think the ones at JCW's are much better. (Note: the ones at JCW's are also huge. Get a small and share it. I'm not kidding.)

So yeah. Maybe people go more for the atmosphere than for the food. Or maybe they know what food to order. Or maybe they just love hearing Chris Brown at higher-than-healthy volume levels. Or they like to boost their immune system by sitting in other people's crumbs. As for me, I think I'll just find some kind of old-person cafeteria and start going there for dinner around 3:30 pm, thank you.


Cassie Gadd said... [reply]

So, I've been a long time reader. I was single when you were single, I met my husband around the same time you met yours (maybe a little earlier), and I have a 9 month old baby boy. My husband and I were on a walk with my baby at Bridal Veil Falls last weekend, and I'm always a little nosy when it comes to cute babies, so I looked over at this couple sitting on a bench with a stroller. I think I stared for a second because you were all strangely familiar to me. Then, I yelped just a little bit and whispered to my husband that I know you, but I don't really, and you have never seen me before. I was very torn about whether or not to go introduce myself, but I decided not to. My husband even stopped right in front of you to get a rock out of his shoe so I would have an excuse to go talk to you. I just couldn't bring myself to walk up and say, "Um, hi. I'm Cassie. I've read every blog you've ever written...and I have a baby boy, too." Everything I could think of as an opener would have been super awkward, so I guess just lurked in real life rather than just on your blog--but not in a creepy way. Anyway, thanks for a fun/funny/witty blog. I do enjoy it.

Jenny said... [reply]

way to be not cool and come to Provo and not even mention it to your sister that lives in Provo...

Ed went to Sammy's when they first opened and he said he was underwhelmed. It was new though, so he didn't mention the dirt.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Cassie, that is too funny. I wish you had said hi, I would have loved to meet you and see your cute baby. Of course, when it's me who recognizes somebody I pretty much always get shy and don't say anything, so like I can talk. :-)

Jen, I did think about it, but I thought about it too late because I am lame. And then I figured you wouldn't want to come to Sammy's and sit in filth.

Nookleerman said... [reply]

The stroller seams make it look like you child has antennae. But don't worry, he can totally pull off antennae. He's cool like that.

daltongirl said... [reply]

Not sure if you know the Legend of Bridal Veil Falls, which is some Native American story of a jilted (or maybe the guy died) girl throwing herself off the cliff right there, and her hair became the waterfall. So there was obsession with marriage here long before the Mormons came to town. At least most of us don't throw ourselves off cliffs when things don't work out.

We haven't been to Sammy's for a long time, but it wasn't dirty when we went. Eww. Maybe it was just brand new and they hadn't needed to clean yet. But we liked it okay. We have even been back. Because we like to hang out with college kids and pretend we are hip. Or maybe the lower prices called to us and made us forget about everything else.

lilcis said... [reply]

awe, Cassie - you should have said hi! I randomly ran into Cicada once at Disneyland and (much to my husband's embarrassment) accosted her right in front of her extended family! It was totally worth it, what with us being best friends now (kidding). Anyway, it's my dream to one day do the same thing to Nem!

jeri said... [reply]

JCWs.... yummy. We are finding some good places to eat in AF!

emandtrev said... [reply]

Sadly, I've never been to Bridal Veil Falls. I feel like I'm always saying stuff like that when I comment. This just goes to show I'll live vicariously through you for a minute...

Darling photos of your sweet boy, as always!

coolmom said... [reply]

Lovely photos - cute comment by Cassie - glad to know my grandson is experiencing the out of doors and not playing infant Wii yet - but really - I have decided in my older age that I owe it to a business to tell them where they need to improve - thus resulting in potential increase of business - and if they don't like it - oh well -don't come crying to me when you go under - and I mean that sincerely. Most managers/ owners do care. My two cents worth.

UpperBottom said... [reply]

hi, first time visitor here, introducing myself so i'm not a creepy stalker. i loved this post, and not just because it has cute baby pictures in it, although the best posts have cute baby pictures.



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