21 Day Challenge, Day 8: Mix casual & dressy

Was drawing a massive blank on this one so I snooped around to see what some of the other participants were doing. Then I saw that Hilary dressed up a pair of denim cut-offs for her outfit.

Me: "HEY! I have some of those!"

A few weeks ago I cut up a pair of holey-kneed jeans (you remember how I wear holes in the right knee of all my jeans--seriously, it's already happening to the pair I just bought) and made the first pair of denim shorts I've worn in quite possibly 15 years.

Sadly, I was alone this morning for the first shot and then my photographer (GH) was running late when I asked him to get one of me during lunch. I need to have a serious chat with the Tiny Dark Lord about earning his keep around here as my photography assistant, but so far he's only interested in trying to eat the camera. The result is that neither picture is flattering, but since I can't decide which is worse I'll just include them both. The outdoor shot makes me think that maybe my sister Jenny is right and perhaps I am in fact wearing ancient cheap bras and maybe should stop doing that.

Top: Ann Taylor Loft, Shorts: from Old Navy jeans,
Pearls: from China, Shoes: Nicole (Ross)


Señora H-B said... [reply]

Look at the two of us, in our Chinese pearls. We rock.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

My question is: Are you dragging that right knee of yours around?

becoming teacher misty said... [reply]

How cute is this? Way to fancy up a pair of cut-offs! Love those flats. :)

emandtrev said... [reply]

I love the mix of casual and dressy. You pull it off beautifully.

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