Because I'm just too big for one blog

Pssst. You can find me today over at Today's Mama, dishing on libraries an' stuff.


Cinderella said... [reply]

Pure awesome.

Sue said... [reply]

And you were totally awesome there. It makes me want to borrow a jr. high student & drag them to the library, just for the joy of asking your help with an assignment.

Anne said... [reply]

That says you're famous...should I have been more respectful when we were friends? Oh wait...we are still friends - at least according to facebook.

I hope you can come to the little Paradise Bakery get together in October. (I promise to be respectful...and maybe get your autograph.)

Saxon said... [reply]

so the Miss Nemesis plan for world domination continues I see :-)

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]

Love it.

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