21 Day Challenge, Day 4: Color Blocking

I knew this would be difficult, and it was. I just don't have that many bright solid things, and I had to pass on a couple of options because it's just going to be too darn hot today for cardigans. Or clothes at all, really, but I am guessing the neighbors that I plan to steal more apricots from have no desire to look out their window and see a pasty white, squishy-bellied Eve out on their lawn. (Note: I am not a thief normally. I am just shy about asking for permission. And nobody in that complex has picked any, they've all just been rotting on the ground. So they might as well be made into jellies and pies at my house. Azucar, that apricot pie recipe rocked my world, so thank you!)

Top from Ann Taylor, Skirt from DownEast.
Clutter. . . sigh . . . all from me.

One good thing to come out of today's challenge is that seeing all my solid-colored skirts, tops, and scarves piled on the bed gave me ideas for things I can do once it cools off. "Oh my gosh, purple scarf and green tank top, you guys totally want to go braid each other's hair right now!"

The Tiny Dark Lord couldn't stay awake for today's picture, but here he is just before.


Kassie said... [reply]

Cute skirt!
Love a happy baby! =)

Nemesis said... [reply]

Thanks, Kassie! I got this skirt ages ago but I love how nice and cool it is in the summer.

Janssen said... [reply]

That baby looks LOTS like GH.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

You look darling, as usual. sigh... Seriously, though. I like the colors you chose. And isn't it fun to shop in your own closet? (Also Land's End, but can't do that every day.)

My word verification is 'mensilly'. They really, really are.

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