21 Day Challenge, Day 20: Sunday Shoes

I didn't get a picture when I actually wore this, so I threw it back on this morning for a quick shot. That is called dedication, madame. (I hope I win the skirt, I hope I win the skirt . . . )

Ann Taylor shirt, Shade scarf,
DownEast undershirt, thrifted skirt, Ross flats

The Sunday shoes thing isn't a tough one to do, but it does turn out that most of my churchy shoes are definitely not comfortable enough to wear all day long. Not sure what to do about that, since I definitely like the way it looks. I guess I should just stick exclusively to Louboutins. Problem solved!


Jenny said... [reply]

Cute scarf. For your birthday, since I love you so much, I'm going to bear my shoe testimony. I know that you can go to Nordstrom and find comfortable shoes. They exist. Then look online for them cheap, go to the Nordstrom rack, or shop their sales when the shoes are 40% off. Or have it be your Christmas present. Or mothers day present.One comfortable pair of shoes is better than a million pair that hurt your feet. Privo,sofft, born, clarkes,aeresole, are all specific 'comfort' shoes but you can find other shoes that are more affordable that don't give you blisters and corns or whatever your poor feet might have going on. I know these things are true. Amen.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

What Jenny said. I testify of the truthfulness of her shoe-timony.

Ali said... [reply]

Owning a pair of Louboutins is on my life list. I really can't imagine paying that much for shoes, but once in my whole lifetime seems like a pretty good deal. Or maybe I should just paint the soles of my heels red and call it good!

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