Because it won't be cold enough here in November

Remember that one time when we flew to Pittsburgh? That trip gave me just enough Skymiles to fly somewhere for free, which is a great deal as long as I choose a place where the hotels, transportation, and food are also free. So next month the Tiny Dark Lord and I will be flying to Alaska to visit my parents for a week! Please pray that he sleeps on the planes, because it's a late-night flight one way and a red-eye on the way back. Any opinions from the group about the ethics of travel doping? (Note to self: Must figure out if he's one of those kids who gets MORE hyper when drugged.)

What Alaska looks like in November (and October, and April, etc)

Speaking of little Lord Voldemort . . . he has thrown off my groove today. I was racing around, gathering my purse, coupons, and shopping lists so that I could run to Macey's and get groceries before his morning nap. I set him down on the floor while I looked for my keys and he instantly burst into tears. (Translation: "My naptime is now. You lost your window.")  

So I put the kid in his crib and he has now spent the last 30 minutes in there singing, giggling, and reaching between the bars to drum on the lid of his diaper pail. I think he is just messing with me now.

Modeling the scarf I knit for Ethan's Halloween costume

Making a run for it while I reach for a clean diaper


Kimi said... [reply]

How fun that you get to go to Alaska! See, your trip here was good for something!! :) Love the scarf on the little guy. He is just too cute. Oh and that last picture cracks me up.

abby said... [reply]

I was going to ask if you remembered you had a blog. :) I love his little baby bum.

LibPhoto said... [reply]

Haha, I though you meant travel doping for yourself!
We have never had a problem traveling long flights with our children. They would sleep the entire time.

Jessica said... [reply]

I never believed in travel doping, until my kids started getting carsick. Dramamine is the best thing ever. They fall asleep, no fighting from the backseat. But we only use it for REALLY long trips, 6 or more hours.

Jan said... [reply]

On the travel doping, I would highly recommend doing it at home first. I tried it when my son was 2 and while it put him to sleep, he got woken up when someone bumped into him. He SCREAMED non-stop for 20 minutes. It was miserable. It turns out he is an angry drunk. So when you try it at home, make the conditions as much like the plane as you can--noisy, bumpy, whatever you can to see how he tolerates the Benadryl.

For some kids it works great, but after two failed attempts with my son, I gave up. If your son is a good sleeper (falls asleep on his own, doesn't have to be laying down, etc.) you might do alright without it. Good luck!

deerhollow said... [reply]

It always worked for our kids...but Lindsey tried it with Molly and oh boy!! She was a case! The two of us had never laughed so hard at her antics....and then she got mad.

beckyww said... [reply]

I recommend a dose of Advil and Benadryl - for one of you.

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]


Jenny said... [reply]

Since you have the easiest baby on the planet and its nonstop I wouldn't bother.

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