Ooof. Tumbled over.*

When I check on the sleeping Lord Voldemort, I can sometimes tell that he fell asleep while sitting up in his crib. I have never watched this happen, but I wonder if it looks a bit like cow-tipping.

Pic courtesy of Aunti Kimi in Pittsburgh

In the next room right now
While he naps my big plan is to put a shirt on and maybe, maybe get another inch knitted on this neckwarmer for Spitfire so that I can send it to her before the Kansas winter is already over. And maybe I will watch Guy on a Buffalo #2 again.

Tonight we are going to Park City to watch other people drink coffee and be Democrats but mostly to visit with my in-laws who are spending the weekend there. Looking forward to a night out.

Happy Friday, friends!

*not that am comparing TDL to drunken English Singleton, but I mean just look at him.


Señora H-B said... [reply]

"Watch people drink coffee and be Democrats"....bwahahaha!

Also, I feel like TDL sometimes. Just. So. Tired. I'll just close my eyes for a....

Stephanie said... [reply]

Baha! When my family goes to Park City, my father always says "Wow. These people are much better Democrats than us."

I think he leaves feeling truly inferior.

You are turning into one of those bloggers* that make parenting look awesome. This is encouraging.

*As opposed to a smug mom blogger.

AmyJane said... [reply]

Hey, have you read the book version of "I don't know how she does it"? Don't judge, it's a total beach/airplane book, but she's like the working mother version of Bridget. You'd laugh, I know you would.

Andrew and Becca said... [reply]

delurking to confess my (inadvertent) creepiness.

I stalk your blog as a result of stalking Mormon Child Bride's blog (I can't remember how I started doing that...) Anyway, I was just over on the SLCO Library's Goodreads page, and your picture was one of the randomly selected members shown and I immediately recognized it from all of your outfit pictures a couple months ago.

I promise it was an accident, I just stumbled into being a weirdo. I was going to quickly click away... but then I realized you had probably read some interesting stuff and I should get some titles to add to my to-read list :)

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